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Monday, March 07, 2011

TJS and phantom gigs

How should The Jerry Site handle phantom gigs?

In another post, commenter David Minches said that disconfirmed dates should be left in with a note that they are incorrect.

I agree. But I think the "misdates" need to be filterable and should be marked off by text or color or font or border or something.

Does everyone agree that this would be the optimum solution, were it to be implementable?


  1. I agree that a color or something to distinguish uncertain and canceled dates would be great, but that's dependent on software change.

    Pending the actual software change, couldn't we at least put it in the venue name, like "Keystone Berkeley, Berkeley, CA (canceled)"? Instead of actually having to click down to the notes section?

  2. It would be nice if we could conceptualize the different kinds of phantom gigs and put everything into the resulting categories.

    For example, here are a few different types. I am not trying to be fully taxonomical, so there's some overlap and loads of stuff missing.

    Types of phantom dates:

    gig planned, but canceled
    gig rumored, disconfirmed
    tape mislabel
    conjectured gig

    What else?

    My thought is that all these types can probably be coded (and displayed, and filtered) as "phantom dates", but it'd also be nice to include what "type" of phantom it is. If TJS is to serve as the repository of Garcia dates, it probably needs to be as informative, well-documented, and otherwise precise as possible.

  3. I think the taxonomy goes like this:

    Highest Level: Shows that may have happened vs Shows that didn't happen.

    Second Level:
    Shows that may have happened by type of rumor (tape label, interview reference, idle gossip, etc)

    Shows that didn't happen due to cancellation vs shows that were actual phantoms

    Third level:
    "Phantom Shows' by type--mislbabeled tape, database error, etc

    Its important to distinguish between shows that may have been played (unconfirmed) or were actually planned (canceled) from ones that never had any conceptual existence in the first place.


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