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Fall '77 Gig Economics: The Case of SUNY New Paltz (JGB, 11/29/77)

Handbill for JGB at SUNY New Paltz, 11/29/77. Scan via Mark Cohen. Note that Ron Tutt is erroneously listed among the personnel.
The economics of the Garcia Band's Fall '77 tour have remained a little out of view for me, since I have never been able to track down itineraries, contracts, box office reports and all that, which I have seen for a few other trips. But a great report in the SUNY New Paltz Oracle lays them bare for one gig (11/29/77), and provides a snapshot into Garcia's rock star lifestyle of the time.

I should note that I have discussed a setlist rarity from this show (the Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun" inside the Wailers' "Stir It Up"), set forth some listening notes under the title "his voice is fading fast", and have also presented these kinds of data for a gig two years earlier ("Accounting the JGB: October 8, 1975").

The SUNY New Paltz Concert Committee brought in name talent a couple times a year for the students, drawing from student activity fees and generally running these events at a loss. But the earnest-seeming crew in place in Fall 1977, which seems to have been operating under the probably-copyright-infringing-but-totally-1977 name of "Jedi Productions", didn't plan to lose as much as they did on the Garcia Band's Tuesday night gig. For Google interest, here are the names and positions of the folks involved in putting on the show.

Kirt Madsen ... Production Manager
Eric Early ... Production Manager
Bill Dacey ... Stage Manager
Rick Markle ... Electrician
Joni White ... Talent Coordinator
Shari Berkowitz ... Tickets
Esther Friedman ... Publicity
Karen Reilly ... Hospitality
Rob Insolia ... Treasurer
Stan Wisla ... Security
Brian Higgenson ... Staging Consultant
Erica Pauling ... Secretary
Richard Someck ... Concessions
Randi Sackheim ...Programs
Debbie Golub ... Programs
Steve Martin ...General Manager
Jack Babb ... Assistant to General Manager

I would love to hear from any of them, especially Karen Reilly, who is mentioned in the narrative below.

According to the report in the school paper (Ratner 1977), the gig lost about $8,000, which is more than planned, mostly due to ticket sales of only 1,300 against a projected 2,000. But other aspects of putting the concert on probably also taught our young impresarios some valuable lessons in show biz economics. Here are the expenses.
Table xxx. Expenses for JGB at SUNY New Paltz, 11/29/77. Source: Ratner 1977.
So here we have the band at a $10k guarantee, whereas it got $12,500 at Penn State (Clifford 1977). Monarch does well on sound and lighting. But let me get to the "hospitality" line item, which generates the following data and story, a little sidebar under the heading "Garcia Serves Up New Paltz, Brings His Own Chef":
     When the Jerry Garcia Band plays a school, it usually submits a list of refreshment requirements: Freshly ground coffee (either of Sumatra, Celebes, Jamaica High Mountain, Mocha-Java, or Columbian beans); Coffee must be made via the drip method, not electric percolator; Three (3) bottles of good French red wine and one and one-half (1 ½) cases of Heineken Light beer; Four (4) quarts of orange juice – no sugar; Four (4) of bottled spring water; Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches and good cheeseburgers; a dinner meal for fifteen …
     When they came to New Paltz, they were willing to forego the refreshment requirements. Instead; they brought their own chef, affectionately named Cy Kocis, and asked the concert committee for $600.
   "I knew things were going to be wrong when they wanted $600 in cash Tuesday morning," explained Karen Reilly, the Concert Committee's Hospitality Chief. Karen managed to knock them down to $450.
     Cy Kocis arrived at 1:30 on Tuesday; installed a four-burner stove charcoal grill and large cooler in Elting Gymnasium 101, and went to work. Filet Mignon and halibut steaks were on the dinner menu. The cooler contained a sumptuous feast for the band and its crew. Karen was there to meet the entourage. In fact, she was there since 9:00, earlier than anyone, making sure everyone experienced New Paltz's hospitality. "But when Cy Kocis gave me 4 large butternut squashes and told me to start peeling and cutting, I told him I had to get towels, or something, for the stage crew." Everyone has their limits.

Why do I imagine this merits quoting at length? I love the standard contract rider information. I knew Jerry was a coffee junkie, but I didn't know he was a coffee snob (which I count as a point in a person's favor). Good French wine pleases me, too, though not sure who of the band would most enjoy it. I guess I have Keith as good for at least a dozen of those Heinekens, but what do I know? Burgers? Definitely Jerry.

Then comes "Cy Kocis". Interesting. $600 cash is also interesting, and suspicious minds sometimes wonder whether that kind of wad might not have bought more than filet, halibut and butternut squash. I also admire the cut of Karen Reilly's jib, haggling them down to $450 and taking a pass on the vegetable peeler. She sounds awesome.

Anyway, good color.

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Garcia's College Gigs

I am fixing to submit research assistance requests to the archives of the various colleges Garcia played. Colleges and universities, bound up as they are with modernity and imbued as they are with a sense of their own importance, document themselves thoroughly. Having sniffed around a few archives already, I am hoping there are some interesting tidbits to be unearthed as, for example, with the Dead's Folsom Field gig (CU-Boulder) on 9/3/72, at which an attendee appeared to answer nature's call in the President's box, which seems to have been a factor in restricting concerts at the venue the following year.

Nothing GD here, and no GD-NRPS. When I exclude the sit-ins that go along with GD shows (e.g., with Elvin Bishop on 6/4/78 at UCSB), I come up with 106 distinct Garcia gigs at colleges and universities.

The chart below provides the over-time view. At some point, I'd like to present this as percentage of all gigs, but I don't have time right now.

Figure xx. Garcia college and university gigs, annual count
Below follows a basic list, roughly alpha by school's colloquial name.

12/07/83         The Cage, Amherst College    JGB

11/14/82         Shapiro Gym, Brandeis University      JGB

Brooklyn College
04/04/75         Whitman Auditorium, Brooklyn College        LOM

Caldwell College
08/11/84         Caldwell College         JGB

Chico State
03/17/82         Acker Gymnasium, Chico State University     JGB

10/27/75         Bailey Hall, Cornell University            JGB

03/16/75         Macky Auditorium, University of Colorado    LOM
11/23/75         Macky Auditorium, University of Colorado    JGB
07/02/82         Macky Auditorium, University of Colorado    JGJK

CW Post
11/08/74         The Dome, C.W. Post College JGMS
09/16/76         The Dome, C.W. Post College JGB
12/06/77         The Dome, C.W. Post College JGB

De Anza College
10/10/75         Calvin C. Flint Center for the Performing Arts, De Anza College      JGB

Dominican College
06/06/75         Angelico Hall, Dominican College      Lesh, Lagin, Garcia, Crosby, Hart
11/15/75         Angelico Hall, Dominican College      Ned Lagin, Phil, Jerry, David Crosby, and Mickey

04/04/76         Page Auditorium, Duke University     JGB

Eastern Washington
10/27/78         Performing Arts Pavilion, Washington State College JGB

George Washington University
04/03/76         Lisner Auditorium, George Washington University    JGB
02/12/80         Lisner Auditorium, George Washington University    JGB
11/07/81         McDonough Arena, Georgetown University  JGB

Glassboro State College
02/15/81         Esby Gymnasium, Glassboro State College    JGB

Hartwick College
12/03/77         Binder Physical Education Center, Hartwick College JGB

11/21/77         The Playhouse, Hofstra University      JGB

Humboldt State
11/13/76         East Gym, Humboldt State University            JGB

Ithaca College
09/18/76         Ben Light Gymnasium, Ithaca College           JGB

Kean College
02/28/80         Wilkins Theatre, Kean College         JGB
11/15/82         Wilkins Theatre, Kean College         JGB
12/13/83         Wilkins Theatre, Kean College         JGB

02/05/81         Stabler Arena, Lehigh University        JGB

Loyola Chicago
11/17/78         Rambler Room, Loyola University      Bob Weir & Friends

03/12/76         Cahn Auditorium, Northwestern University   JGB

Oberlin College
03/13/76         Finney Chapel, Oberlin College          JGB

Orange County CC
08/15/84         Orange County Community College   JGB

Penn State
12/11/77         Recreation Hall, Pennsylvania State University         JGB
11/16/84         Eisenhower Auditorium, Pennsylvania State University         JGJK

Rider College
11/08/81         Alumni Gymnasium, Rider College    JGB

12/04/77         The Barn, Rutgers University  JGB
02/22/80         The Barn, Rutgers University  JGB
11/10/82         Livingston Gymnasium, Rutgers University    JGB

San Diego State
05/20/89         Open Air Theater, San Diego State University           JGB

03/03/82         Barbary Coast Room, San Francisco State University            JGB

10/17/69         Loma Prieta Room, Student Union, San Jose State University           NRPS
04/25/92         Event Center Arena    JGB

Seton Hall
09/17/76         Walsh Auditorium, Seton Hall University       JGB

Sonoma State
11/04/73         Gymnasium, California State College Sonoma          OAITW orig 10/7/73

Southwestern College
08/02/92         Devore Field, Southwestern College  JGB

10/03/71         Frost Amphitheatre, Stanford University        JGMS
07/09/88         Frost Amphitheatre, Stanford University        JGAB

SUNY Brockport
11/01/81         Tuttle North Gymnasium, State University of New York        JGB

SUNY Buffalo
01/29/72         State University of New York (SUNY) Buffalo HWJG
11/30/77         Center Theater, SUNY JGB

SUNY New Paltz
11/29/77         Elting Gym, State University of New York      JGB

SUNY Oswego
02/17/80         Laker Hall, Sate University of New York (SUNY) Oswego      JGB
12/11/83         Laker Hall, Sate University of New York (SUNY) Oswego      JGB

SUNY Stony Brook
12/09/77         Gym, S.U.N.Y.  JGB
02/24/80         Pritchard Gym, S.U.N.Y.          JGB
12/04/83         Gym, S.U.N.Y.  JGB

01/22/72         Crouse Auditorium, Syracuse University        HWJG
02/19/80         Landmark Theatre      JGB      not on campus, but put on by Syracuse University Union Concert Board

Temple U Ambler
06/11/73         Temple Festival Theater, Temple University-Ambler            OAITW

UC Berkeley
07/23/69         Bear's Lair, UC Berkeley         NRPS
08/01/69         Bear's Lair, UC Berkeley         NRPS
08/01/69         Bear's Lair, UC Berkeley         NRPS
01/19/70         Pauley Ballroom, UC Berkeley           NRPS
06/21/70         Pauley Ballroom, UC Berkeley           NRPS
01/19/74         Pauley Ballroom, UC Berkeley           JGMS
08/30/87         Greek Theatre, UC Berkeley   JGB
07/10/88         Greek Theatre, UC Berkeley   JGB
08/26/89         Greek Theatre, UC Berkeley   JGB
08/05/90         Greek Theatre, UC Berkeley   JGB

UC Davis
08/30/74         Freeborn Hall, UC Davis         JGMS
11/12/76         Freeborn Hall, UC Davis         JGB
08/07/81         Freeborn Hall, UC Davis         JGB

04/16/93         Pauley Pavilion, UCLA JGB
04/17/93         Pauley Pavilion, UCLA JGB

02/05/77         Campbell Hall, UC Santa Barbara      JGB

U Illinois Chicago
08/18/84         UIC Pavilion, University of Illinois, Chicago    JGB

U of Iowa
10/20/73         Fieldhouse, University of Iowa            JGMS   CXL

U Maryland
11/06/82         Ritchie Coliseum, University of Maryland      JGB

UMass Amherst
02/20/80         Fine Arts Center Concert Hall, University of Massachusetts JGB

U Nevada
02/21/87         Lawlor Events Center, Univ. of Nevada          JGB

U of New Haven
02/16/80         Charger Gymnasium, University of New Haven         JGB

U of Oregon
12/15/74         EMU Ballroom, University of Oregon            LOM

University of San Francisco
10/31/74         University of San Francisco, War Memorial Gymnasium      JGMS

U Vermont
11/14/81         Patrick Gymnasium, University of Vermont   JGB

01/23/72         Villanova Field House, Villanova University   HWJG

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
11/15/74         Alden Memorial Auditorium, Worcester Polytechnic Institute          JGMS

10/22/75         Woolsey Hall, Yale University JGB

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CXLv003 now posted

I have posted an updated version of my list of canceled Grateful Dead gigs and list of canceled Jerry Garcia gigs. You can access it via the link from the top-right of the blog, where you can also leave comments. Here is a direct link to the PDF of CXLv003.