Saturday, August 08, 2009

Fishing Journal: 20090807: Boulder Creek

In the Canyon, about 10.5 mi. from the Canyon/Broadway intersection. Maybe two hours. Elk Hair Caddis on top with various nymphs down below.

Started slow in some likely-looking water. Thought it was gonna be a dead day. Then started pulling out lots of fishing. Mostly tiny-to-small cutthroats, like this fella:

They fight pretty nicely. Deep salmon/red coloring inside the gills and along the bottom.

Anyway, probably ended up with ten fish in 2 hours, and had a pretty nice time. Still having a hard time finding water that rivals my home water. And still (and increasingly) pondering what skill differences drive catching the little ones vs. the big ones.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Fishing Journal: 20090716, Clark Fork Stanislaus River

So last year I did the South Fork of the Stanislaus from the bridge in Strawberry. This year I wanted to hit some more remote terrain and so was asking around about access points to the Middle Fork. There was a campground (can't remember name ... bad blogger!) about 8 mi. down from Pinecrest that was recommended, but I figured that being near a campground it'd get fair pressure. Unhelpful Old Forest Service Guy wasn't very helpful. Younger Forest Service Guy recommended Beardsley Reservoir. Fellow camper said he had gotten advice to try the Clark Fork, so that's where I went.

View Clark Fork Stanislaus River in a larger map

Feh. Nice scenerey, water was quite low and pleasant. Caught about 10 "fish" in 2.5 hours, but they were absolutely tiny. Not so much joy in it when they're so little. Not to mention I had the stomach bug that ravaged our tent circle and just wasn't feeling enthused.

Next year I am either trying Beardsley or maybe some of the obscure forest service roads revealed by the map.