Sunday, August 26, 2018

Examining the Examiner

The great sleuth David Davis of Grateful Seconds fame has alerted me to the fact that the SF Examiner has been digitized and is available through (pay to play, natch).

Mamma mia, what a treasure trove for someone like me. There will be a goodly number of shows new to The List reported on eventually, among many other things.

I am able to do in hours what would have taken me weeks of spinning microfilm to do, which could only have unfolded over years if it ever happened at all, presumably with a much lower error rate to boot. Ain't progress grand?

Now, if the Chron can show up, too, that'd help me even more. And if coverage from the Oakland Tribune and the Marin I-J could extend forward just a bit, that'd please me all the more. But, in general, I am feeling like I have pretty well covered the terrain, and there can't be that much more, in terms of advertised gigs, that we can be missing.

Anyway, thanks David!

p.s. Life becomes very busy again. Not that I have done much here this summer, but things are likely to be even slower until I finish a "real" (i.e., day job) book, and some other real work. But Fate Music will happen and be on shelves within two years, I hope!