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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Recent Closet Call Results

That link displays recent lossless filesets (shnids) entered at the etree database. The discerning Garcia fan will recognize that Andrew F. is working on two distinct cassette collections which contain some number of previously uncirculated pieces, especially from the 1980s, not already losslessly circulating. This includes the Closet Call tapes that wk has made available - thanks! - and another batch of tapes from DL. Here they are in chron, with a few annotations about what makes them interesting.

A Humboldt show, probably not long after the harvest.

07/18/80 set I rare 1980 quartet gig
07/18/80 set II rare 1980 quartet gig

05/06/83 The best show of the 80s happened on 5/31/83, but 5/6 doesn't move me.

Gaylord Birch on drums on all three of these, and very few JGB shows in '85.

An MIA hometown Garcia/Kahn show (FWIW).

Jerry and Bobby play a couple of tunes at Jane Dornacker's memorial service at the Warfield.

A second link,, takes you to etree's Bit Torrent site, where you can download the relevant lossless recordings.