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Friday, August 08, 2008

Fishing Journal: fishies @ SBC/Eldo

So I am told that I have been catching browns. They do look a lot like the guy above, most distinctively with the row of pink spots that can appear along the midline.

Caught a bunch yesterday. I really need to spend more time between the big rock (my name for it) and the vehicle bridge. Was in a huge rush yesterday on the last stretch of water and was getting all kinds of action there right around 12 noon.

Family came up and we picnicked at the Visitors' Center. On a lark just fooled around in the very shallow water near all of the picnic tables and must have hauled in five teeny-tiny fish in 15 minutes, mostly on a Copper John that they could barely fit in their mouths. Silly fishies.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Fishing Journal: reference

I am considering South Boulder Creek in El Dorado Canyon State Park to be my local water for the summer.

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Been out there a half-dozen times in the last couple of weeks. and am having a blast with it. Yesterday morning (Monday, 8/4, 6 a.m. to 11 a.m.) I caught ten fish over pretty much the whole main stretch in the park, i.e., the lower pedestrian bridge near the lower parking to the upper vehicle bridge before you get to the visitor center. Morning was cool enough that I put on waders and a light windebreaker. But as soon as the sun came into the canyon, maybe around 6:30 or so, things warmed up nicely. It was a beautiful day, a little overcast, warm but not scorching.

Was catching on nymphs until about 9. After then the fish seemed to start looking up and I started catching on a ca. 18# caddis up top. Overall, 4 were really small (i.e., 6" or so) and 6 were just small (maybe 8-10").

I have been looking at some maps and need to drive back up through the canyon ... some maps seem to suggest that you can drive all the way to Gross Reservoir, which I'd really love to do. But not sure if the Family Truckster is up to the task. We'll see.