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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Europe: Successes and Limitations

Moravcsik has a piece in Newsweek International which I have only skimmed but which, on that basis, I largely agree with. The Europe of 2007 reflects a truly remarkable set of achievements which my Tata Madeleine (nee 1909) would never have considered possible. Let's not let its pathologies, complexities, etc. obscure this from view.

Drezner is less sanguine.

I also largely agree with what Martin Rhodes has recently written about the future of Europe.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Current Riders of the Purple Sage

Saw the New Riders of the Purple Sage in town last month and now, through the generosity of Dawg House Audio and Tim Steigler, have a chance to re-hear the show. Had a great old time that night and think it holds up well on disc. Highly recommended.

Black Gold

Just watched Black Gold: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee. Despite the overbearing subtitle, it is actually pretty deft in making its case to the average 1st World coffee drinker. It starts off with the coffee side of things for the first 50 minutes or so, then spends some time on the more general issues of the developing world and the workings of the WTO. I like the latter angle, too, as it focuses less on the WTO qua IO and more on the ways in which the US and EU dictate terms to the poor all while maintaining their own ridiculous agricultural subsidies.

All in all, a nice piece of work. Recommended.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Comfort Women Apology Withdrawn

Via Farls at LGM I read that the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has withdrawn the Japanese government's official 1992 apology for atrocities to "Comfort Women", enslaved into sexual servitude by the Japanese Imperial Army during WWII.

Celtic Dragon runs a longer entry on this, including some gut-wrenching, absolutely nauseating first-hand testimony. What a horrible, horrible thing.

What a world.