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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Bleg for Tolces on Garcia, Kahn and Reflections

Tolces, Todd. 1975. Deadlines: Dead Lines: Jerry Garcia's been in the studio, fighting the clock and other hazards. Melody Maker, ca. September-October 1975.

I have a partial copy of this, but I am looking for the whole thing. Anyone have a scan to share? Your List Gets Mine.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Joe and Ruth Garcia: Directory Samples

1935: no trace of Joe and Ruth Garcia

1940: Jos R (Ruth), restaurant at 399 1st street and home at 121 Amazon
1942: Jos (Ruth) liquors, same addresses
1951: Ruth (wid Jos), bartender, home at 56 Harrington

These are neat documents, sitting on shelves next to the world class microfilm scanners on the 5th floor of the S.F. Public Library. This is all I had time to get at my last visit. Maybe I'll try to get more next time. Love how they show the professions, noteworthy how the women are parenthesized afterthoughts to the men (or defined as the man's widow), etc.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Concert Vault

My goodness, I don't really follow what all comes online --or maybe it's new, so effectively I do-- but there is some 1980 and 1982 JGB (and snippets of 4/10/82 Garcia solo acoustic) online at I need to investigate some of this more.

Here's "Let It Rock" from 6/24/82:

And "Deal" from 7/26/80, Greg Errico on the drums: