Friday, August 29, 2014

GD April 5, 1968 (Friday), Carousel - never happened

Updated: the SFC Datebook of April 5, 1968 (p. 47) shows John Lee Hooker, Loading Zone, Mother Earth. Given the two conflicting pieces of print, I'll prefer the later-published one (SFC) to the earlier-published one (Express Times issue of ca. 4/3/68) (lex posterior derogat priori).

Corry's tour itinerary shows an open Friday night for GD/Garcia on April 5, 1968.

Randomly, I just found a listing for the GD and Chuck Berry at the Carousel that night. Here it is.

This is one of the interesting thing about cross-validating from the Barb to the Express Times and other sources - sometimes interesting things pop up!
The Chicken lists John Lee Hooker, Loading Zone and Mother Earth.

update: The Chicken was right all along, and I think there was no hidden GD show this night, at least not at Carousel.

Interesting that this was ever on any calendar at all, though. I wonder what the GD ended up doing this night instead of gigging, as at-one-time advertised?


  1. Curious. Chuck Berry and the Dead had played the Carousel the previous weekend... Also note that no other Carousel show is listed. I suppose this should be cross-checked against other listings?

  2. There is no Carousel listing in Berkeley Barb no 138 (April 5-11, 1968), p. 17.

  3. The Dead were working on Anthem Of The Sun at the time. They were also going to Miami for a week, and then Philly, so they may have felt they had work to do. Doing a show in the middle might have broken up the groove.


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