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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Carousel, May 22, 1968 - Jerry Garcia and others

Garcia and others are listed for the Carousel on May 22, 1968. According to a report in Billboard (Lehman 1968), this was a benefit concert to promote bringing jazz into schools, with an organization called the Jazz Action Movement (JAM).

San Francisco Express Times, May 22, 1968, p. 14.

The night before circulates from Bear's journal tape, remarkably enough (shnid-22727). The poster for that night said "Rock Jam" and we know it as Tuesday Night Jam. Check the linked info file for players.

This night, the Wednesday, May 22 gig, lists no personnel. I could drool over which jazz players might have dropped in for this benefit. I don't know of any other information about this show, pending, again, a check on Rhoney Stanley's book.

See also my post glancing across the Tuesday, June 4, 1968 Tuesday Night Jam,  "Strung Between Dreams and Reality" (title courtesy of the great Ralph Gleason). I think, but am not sure, that 6/4/68 is relevant to Stanley Mouse's purple pig poster (AOR 2.170).

Need to double-check. Rhoney Gissen Stanley's book covers the event in great detail.

Anyway, back to listings, some nice color in here. I bet the Russian River Rodeo in Guerneville on Sunday, May 26 was a mighty time.


Lehman, Godfrey. 1968. Coast Group Set Up To Keep Jazz Alive. Billboard, May 18, 1968, p. 20, via Google Books.

Stanley, Rhoney Gissen, with Tom Davis. 2013. Owsley and Me: My LSD Family. Rhinebeck, NY: Monkfish Book Publishing Company.

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  1. The Jazz Action Movement (JAM) was one of those well-meaning SF 60s things that never added up to much. It seemed to mainly feature rock musicians who liked jazz. There are a fair amount of articles about it from the era, but nothing ever really seems to have come of it.

    This was an interesting rock weekend. Jimmy Page and The Yardbirds were playing Fillmore West, while the mighty Kaleidoscope were at Avalon. Kaleidoscope was Page's favorite band at the time, and Page has told the story a number if tunes about how between shows at Fillmore he would walk the dozen blocks or so over to the Avalon to catch the Kaleidoscope each night.


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