Monday, November 08, 2010

Reading Notes: Jackson, Harry. 1970. On Tour with the Dead. Zygote, July 22, 1970: 41-44.

I have only a bad photocopy, with no page numbers, of an article written by Harry Jackson, with the only visible title word being “dead.” I am not 100% sure the above reference is correct. I will refer to pages as they appear on my copy.

The article is based on observation/interview at the March 21, 1970 Port Chester, NY GD shows. He reports a little bit on the early show, does some interviewing, then reports a bit on the late show, which ended ca. 3 a.m.

Jackson 1970, copy p1: “They’ve only been running rock shows out in Portchester for a few weeks, and the big crowds aren’t coming in yet. So they really went out of their way to pull the press out to see the Grateful Dead.”

Jackson 1970, copy p1: improved vocals as biggest change in GD at this time.

Jackson 1970, copy p1: Cutler tells Jackson that “’the boys were tripping’.”

Jackson 1970, copy p1: Hart on better harmony vocals: “We’ve been influenced, you see. We’ve been tampered with. … Steve Stills came in and stayed with me for about two months, and we hung together. And Crosby, and they were hanging out with us. So, you know, we were sittin’ around singing and getting together and getting the harmonies better.”

Jackson 1970, copy p2b: Mickey Hart: “We just finished an album the other day.” [Workingmans]

Jackson 1970, copy p3a: Mickey: “We don’t have any time off.” Q: Is that financial? MH: “Financial.”

Jackson 1970, copy p3b: Mickey is noncommittal about the show they just played … 3/21/70a, one of the greatest ever! He says it was “a little staggery … it wasn’t a super set.”

Jackson 1970, copy p3b: He leaves Mickey to find someone else: “We wandered upstairs and found Jerry Garcia talking to a photographer at the back of a narrow dressing room. The groupies were so tightly packed in on the floor that we couldn’t get to him. He was in the middle of a long rap about corner cutting at record companies. Sam Cutler’s head appeared, and he signaled. Jerry looked relieved as he picked up his guitar. “’Wow, I got to stop rapping and start playing’.”

Jackson 1970 copy p3a: question to Sam Cutler from another reporter about “the album that was just recorded.” [Workingmans]

Jackson 1970, copy p3a: Reporter’s words: “The Dead have always had problems getting themselves together as ‘professionals.’ In the past, all their affairs have been handled by members of their family. This has led to all sorts of problems.” [JGMF: I wonder if someone discussed Lennie "on background"?]

Jackson 1970, copy p3b: goes on to do a pretty good job to describe the pretty amazing end to the late show. After 3 a.m. when the show ended.

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  1. I have to assume that the various Stephen Stills guest appearances with the Dead in November and December 1969 were around the time Stills was staying with Mickey Hart.


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