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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Marmaduke and Jerry: unknown Bay Area "resort", ca. mid-June 1969

Gene Sculati, in a very insightful little piece written ca. mid-June 1969 (1): Recently “a local resort featured Dead accomplice Marmaduke singing country (and playing guitar) to the accompaniment of Jerry Garcia on pedal steel guitar.”

Anyone know of a Marmaduke-Jerry gig, ca. mid-June 1969, at a resort?

(1) Sculati, Gene. 1969. What’s Become of the Grateful Dead? Jazz & Pop 8.9 (September): 22-24.


  1. Well, the timing is certainly correct. I think Gene Sculatti was a North Bay guy, from Napa, so this suggests a Napa/Sonoma/Marin type gig. There were (and still are) a lot of places on the Russian River and such that identified themselves as "Resorts."

  2. I was thinking about Muir Beach Lodge - which had periodically been referred to as Muir Beach Resort and had hosted a number of similar shows between 1966 and 1968.

  3. how are these Muir Beach Lodge shows advertised, or how are they known? Was there a little community newspaper that might have listed them>

  4. Muir Beach Lodge had been taken over by the County (or the State--I forget) by 1969.

    I was thinking further North--Russian River, Rio Nido, places like that.There was also a place called The Marshall Hotel, in Marshall, on Highway 1 North of Point Reyes. Jef Jaisun, among others, played there in Fall '69.

  5. I was in Muir Beach a few days ago searching out the Muir Beach Lodge. No one I asked had any knowledge of it, including the folks at the Pelican Inn. Corry, do you have any other info on this building, like where it once stood?

  6. Since we're talking about this again, the "resort" thing does make me agree with Corry, that we should be thinking Russian River. I wonder if Sculati's heirs are, and if there's any chance he kept calendars? Those would be interesting.


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