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Saturday, January 02, 2010

NRPS: June 12-13, 1971, Keystone Korner, San Francisco, CA

So, I discovered this ad for New Riders of the Purple Sage at Keystone Korner on June 12-13, 1971 when going through the Berkeley Barb last summer ... the old fashioned way ... microfilm. Makes my eyes dry up just thinking about it.

All well and good. I assume Jerry was there.and have updated my own list and TJS to reflect this.

But there is some interesting stuff that kind of goes along with this. For example, the "Scenedrome" (calendar) section of the Berkeley Barb, June 6-11, 1971, p. 20, lists Merl Saunders and Tom Fogerty for the New Monk on June 12-13, 1971. (Actually, it lists "Merle Saunders and Tom Rogarty" for the 12th and "Merle Saunders and Tom Fogarty" for the 13th, but you get the idea.) Nothing earth-shattering here: Merl and Tom Fogerty were gigging without Jerry when he was otherwise occupied. I have lots of other dates like that during these years. But it does lay the groundwork for one other little possibility, which I'll try to post about soon.


  1. Keystone Korner and The New Monk were owned by the same partnership at this point (Freddie Herrera and Bobby Corona). The New Monk became the Keystone Berkeley,and around 1972 the Keystone Korner was sold to Todd Barkan, and turned into an exclusively jazz club although it kept the name.

    Bonus points: Todd Barkan was the piano player for Kwane And The Kwanditos.

  2. I have the transition from the New Monk to the Keystone Berkeley as September 19, 1971. Ross

  3. Just coming back to this ten years later, but, Ross, I am quite sure the New Monk went out and the Keystone Berkeley came in March 1, 1972.


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