Saturday, August 01, 2015

Deadlists, Deadbase, GD19691003

I understand that the Deadbase guys are making a 50th anniversary print edition. I doubt I'll get it, because I already have Deadbase I, II, III and IX, and though they promise updates based on the wave of information that has emerged in the digital era (starting with Deadlists, and moving through LLD, LIA's work, some of my tidbits, etc. etc.). I hope they give credit where it is due in respect of all those and countless other sites from which, if they have done a good job, they will have gleaned their updated info.

In the spirit of updating The List, I note that Lenny Kaye (1969) drops a few little setlist nuggets about the Dead's Boston Tea Party gig on Friday, October 3, 1969, with respect to which It (i.e., Deadlists) currently shows nothing, mentioning a long jam around/into some Anthem of the Sun material and a resurrection of that Old Chestnut, "In The Midnight Hour", apparently with Garcia on pedal steel (!).

That info should go to Deadlists, if it were ever to be updated. And the fact that Deadbase 50 is already printed and can't take this info onboard speaks to the limits of the print medium for this kind of thing (without denying its considerable other charms). Anyway, there you have it.

--> Kaye, Lenny. 1969. The Grateful Dead: The Year of the Dead. Fusion, November 14, pp. unk, via rocksbackpages.


  1. It looks doubtful at this point whether deadlists will ever be updated. (And the ending of the discussion forum was a blow.) I guess the best we can hope for is either that someone new takes over the site, or starts yet another GD setlists site...
    With deadlists apparently no longer maintained, the deadbase site no longer functional, and the jerrysite gone, it's like the internet is going backwards!
    I'm happy to see another deadbase print edition, regardless.

    Anyway - Kaye's reference to the pedal-steel Midnight Hour is fascinating. Wonder how that sounded?
    Re: "the Other One," he specifically says that "they meandered around for close to half an hour, finding something, losing it again, finally coming around ever so slowly to catch a piece of Anthem of the Sun." That might not refer to the Other One - it could just as well be Alligator>Caution.

  2. Right you are, on something from Anthem - my mistake.

    Things moving backward, indeed! There must be some enterprising Deadhead programmer and web development types who would be interested in a project or two ...

  3. I wonder why there aren't so many out of town tapes from late '69. Was Bear under travel restrictions at that time? The Tea Party shows from December are incredible, but the tapes are really problematic, and there's not a whiff of sbd tape from the great Cafe Au Go Go shows of September, the Tea Party in October, etc.

    1. I've pondered that as well.
      It's basically one specific tour that we don't have any SBD tapes from, from Sept 26 to Oct 4, covering the Fillmore East, Cafe au Go Go & BTP. For the rest of the year after that, we have mostly-complete SBDs from most of the shows.

      It's possible Bear didn't go on that tour, but that seems odd for him, and I don't know of any court trouble he had at that point, or a reason that would keep him from going to NYC.
      My guess is it may simply be a stack of reels from that tour got lost or stolen.
      At any rate, an unfortunate loss.

    2. I dont know if it affects things but Bear was busy recording Hot Tuna's first album that September


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