Thursday, July 02, 2015

Garcia, Cutler, Hunter, unidentified woman chatting, ca. 1970

Not much very revelatory, but nice to hear Hunter rapping, and they talk together about Altamont. Around 20, we get some Hells Angels talk.

Garcia: "It's almost like having tigers on the streets."

Hunter, in a classic case of how these guys romanticized the Angels and other outlaws: "Hells Angels are Robin Hood.

Cutler is talking about one of their leaders, and even here he doesn't name names.

Garcia: "They've got a form that works. Like one of the old brotherhoods ..." Hunter: "They've been there from time immemorial. There have always been brotherhoods." Garcia: "... Samurai warriors ..."

update: LIA has transcribed this at Deadsources.


  1. Crazy to hear Jer talk about "Motown could have saved the ghetto"...

  2. The trapeze artist leader being referred to is Sandy Alexander.


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