Monday, July 25, 2011

GD 19670106

"Big Mama to aid in raising of the dead," California Aggie, January 6, 1967, p. 5.

Grateful Dead played at Freeborn Hall, UC Davis, Davis, CA on January 6, 1967. The above preview article is from that day's California Aggie, p. 5.

What intrigues me is the line that says that the last time they played Freeborn, the GD played to a full house. When did the GD play Freeborn Hall before 1/6/67?
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  1. Cal Aggie is a wealth of info on the Dead, economics in 1966-67, lots on the Jan 1971 show, the proposed Wall of Sound show there in May 1974, review of my first California show in Sacramento 6-28-79 and I haven't even looked past 1980/


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