Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Dates of All of the Tracks on the Late-Era Arista JGB Releases

Internaut jmoleton posted sometime back a more or less complete set of dates for the 1990s-2000s official JGB releases, Jerry Garcia Band (1991), How Sweet It Is (1997), and Shining Star (2001), over at the Workingman's Tracker.

I have appropriated jmoleton's info, asked commenter Nick to check a few things, verified a few things myself, and have produced a table of this material. The image below is static. But, depending on how well well Google Sheets handles sorting, you might be able to follow this link to a Sheet which allows you to sort by, for example, real chronological order (sort on date and track number). Or, you could reconstitute a show structure by sorting first on track number. Or whatever. Have at it.


  1. Many thanks for posting this: very useful.

    I note that on Shining Star, the versions of "I Second That Emotion" and "Let It Rock" were also subsequently released on "Fall 1989: The Long Island Sound", and "Mississippi Moon" and "Midnight Moonlight" were also released on "Pure Jerry 5: Merriweather Post Pavilion".

  2. Wow, thank you so much, I've known the shining star dates for awhile, but nice to know the exact dates for,the jgb 91 and how sweet 92'cds
    Sortable for,stoners (cough cough) to,recreate the individual shows in Hi fi.

  3. thanks for this. it's been a while since I listened to these though I think I remember the first release sounding worse than the second release. now seeing they are both from the same runs in april and august. I think ill make a mix of the three releases in order. john

  4. This is SO awesome; exactly the sort of project that I considering taking on but somehow never do. And then when *someone else* does it.....bonus!

  5. Yeah, jmoleton must have done a lot of listening to get this all together.

  6. Wanted to see the date played for "The Maker" on Shining Star and got my answer. The chart might need a small update as some songs have been released as part of a full show, such as Shining Star from Garcia Live Volume 16. But honestly, the effort it must've taken to make this must be incredible, so THANK YOU! :) Rock on!


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