Sunday, November 09, 2014

Dead in the Panhandle - Sunday, April 9, 1967

Video! (Reminder: great index of Dead-related video here)

These were shared at DNC by Gordon the Drummer.

The 921 link has two minutes of pure gold, starting with the Grateful Dead playing "Caution", high quality color and sound, a bit distant (but correspondingly atmospheric)  in the Panhandle. Wow.

GtD says "In these clips I'm hearing bits of Caution, King Bee, Viola Lee Blues, and an unfamiliar blues shuffle tune sung by Garcia". The last piece sounds pretty interesting to me, would love to hear what others hear.

The link ending 927 is mostly atmosphere, but it's fascinating. A lost child is named - it'd be interesting to interview all of those kids that are announced as lost at Dead shows, "Frank" and all those people. I don't quite catch the name on my one pass-through.

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Yellow Shark:
The Longshoremen's Hall and Panhandle performances are well documented - The Panhandle sometime in the afternoon (plenty of photographs exist) and Longshoremen's late in the evening. However, there was planned a 2PM Haight-Ashbury "Street Dance" show organised by The Diggers (for one hour). I have always separated this from the Panhandle event as it followed a street theatre event at Haight & Ashbury - and it was called "Street Dance" - which would be inappropriate for Speedway Meadows.

Anyway, again, very cool to be able to see and hear even tiny snippets of this. My thanks to all involved in making that possible!


  1. I had some more detailed comments on the GD Guide, but the Garcia blues tune in particular sounds a bit like Schoolgirl or Nobody's Fault, and he sings "I'll buy you everything" twice. Does anyone know what blues song that lyric is from?

  2. well that line almost shows up in donovan's "hey gyp" and somehow there is a foggy memory that this song appeared on the "played songs list" mid 80s alreday


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