Sunday, July 01, 2012

JGMS September 1-2, 1973 Keystone, Berkeley

This calendar of September 1973 gigs at the Keystone Berkeley shows Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders there on Saturday, September 1, 1973 and Sunday, September 2, 1973. These gigs are new to The List.

Note that OAITW was advertised for shows out east on these dates, but that I concluded about a year ago that they "probably didn't happen". I think this calendar allows us to remove the "probably" from that formulation.

None of this answers the question of what happened to the extensive out-of-state touring planned by OAITW during summer 1973, but canceled. It's a question I hope to address at some point.


  1. This is pretty remarkable. Since we didn't know about September 1-2 at the Keystone before, doesn't it seem likely that Sep 1 was the debut of Wolf?

    Looks like it was a pretty cool month at Keystone, particularly for guitar fans: besides Jerry, there's Boz Scaggs (likely with Les Dudek), Clover (with John McFee), Copperhead (with John Cipollina), Return To Forever (with Bill Connors, not to mention Stanley Clarke and Lenny White), Elvin Bishop (for those who like that sort of thing) and a slew of interesting locals.

    1. Les Dudek opened for Kingfish in the east in 76. Heneker nh? 4-6-76


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