Friday, August 05, 2011

Matrix Tapes

I was just reminded that I had posted a long list of one source of "Matrix Tapes" in comments on the "High Country 2/19/69" show at Lost Live Dead in 2009. I reproduce it here. I'd love to concatenate the various lists and fill in as much sourcing information as I can. Perhaps I'll give it a go.

Anyway, here's that list. I am open to what we should call this, i.e., the nomenclature we should use for the various lists/batches. I think this is the batch held by Joe Buchwald.

Jefferson Airplane-1/3/1966
Grateful Dead-1/7/1966
Big Brother & The Holding Company-1/10/1966
Great Society-1/16/1966
Big Brother & The Holding Company-3/8/1966
Lightning Hopkins-4/20/1966
Great Society-6/4/1966
Great Society-6/7/1966
Sopwith Camel-6/11/1966
Great Society-6/28/1966
Final Solution-7/2/1966
Country Joe & The Fish-7/13/1966
Tom Northcutt Trio-7/26/1966
Sopwith Camel-8/3/1966
Great Society-8/6/1966
Blues Project-9/1/1966
Blues Project-9/5/1966
Andrew Staples-9/30/1966
Jefferson Airplane-9/30/1966
Jefferson Airplane-10/14/1966
Jefferson Airplane-10/15/1966
The Only Alternative w/ Mimi Farina-10/22/1966
Jefferson Airplane-10/25/1966
Jefferson Airplane-10/26/1966
Jefferson Airplane-10/27/1966
Jerry Pond-11/17/1966
Grateful Dead-11/19/1966
Grateful Dead-11/29/1966
Grateful Dead-12/1/1966
Steve Miller Band-1/27/1967
Butterfield Blues Band-1/29/1967
Big Brother & The Holding Company-1/31/1967
Blues Project-Jefferson Airplane Jam-2/14/1967
Blues Project-2/15/1967
Blues Project-2/16/1967
Quicksilver Messenger Service-3/19/1967
Chambers Brothers-3/23/1967
Yellow Brick Road-3/23/1967
Anonymous Artists of America-3/26/1967
Howlin' Wolf-4/18/1967
Howlin' Wolf-4/19/1967
Howlin' Wolf-4/20/1967
Blue Cheer-7/13/1967
Steve Miller Band-7/27/1967
South Side Sound System-8/30/1967
Quicksilver Messenger Service-9/16/1967
Big Brother & The Holding Company-10/3/1967
Mike Bloomfield-11/18/1967
Jefferson Airplane-1/30/1968
Jefferson Airplane-1/31/1968
Jefferson Airplane-2/1/1968
J.C. Burris-3/14/1968
Mandel Band Jam-4/27/1968
Big Brother & The Holding Company-6/16/1968
Sandy Bull-6/16/1968
Butterfield-Steve Miller Jam-6/16/1968
Steve Miller Band-6/16/1968
Ten Years After-6/28/1968
Ten Years After-6/29/1968
A.B. Skhy-10/3/1968
Harvey Mandel Band-10/5/1968
Dead Jam-10/8/1968
Elvin Bishop Jam-10/9/1968
Dead Jam-10/10/1968
Harvey Mandel Band-10/16/1968
Steve Miller Band-10/28/1968
Dead Jam-10/30/1968
Dan Hicks-11/1/1968
Cold Blood-11/2/1968
Dan Hicks-11/2/1968
Sea Train-11/10/1968
Santana Blues Band-11/13/1968
Santana Blues Band-11/14/1968
Mother Earth-11/21/1968
Mother Earth-11/23/1968
Elvin Bishop-Harvey Mandel Jam-11/28/1968
Dead Jam-11/30/1968
John Winter-12/3/1968
Sandy Bull-12/4/1968
John Winter-12/4/1968
Lightning Hopkins-12/5/1968
John Winter-12/5/1968
Casady, Garcia, Hart & Dryden Jam-12/6/1968
Dan Hicks-12/7/1968
Winter, Casady, Garcia & Bishop Jam-12/16/1968
Casady, Garcia et al. Jam-12/18/1968
Garcia, Bishop & Santana Jam-12/23/1968
Garcia, Mandel, Chambers et al Jam-12/24/1968
Mandel-Bishop Jam-12/30/1968
Jorma Kaukonen-1/2/1969
Jorma Kaukonen & Jack Casady-1/3/1969
Jorma Kaukonen & Jack Casady-1/4/1969
Elvin Bishop Band-1/8/1969
Beautiful Day-1/15/1969
Kooper, Casady, Garcia & Chambers Jam-1/20/1969
Ramblin' Jack Elliott-ND
Jesse Fuller-ND 

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