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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Szabo's Santana Sit-In, or, Santana's Jubilant Jam

I didn't see this listed at the great Santanamigos site (1971), so I thought I'd post it here: Santana sitting in with Gabor Szabo at the Concord [Jazz?] Festival, Sunday, August 15, 1971.


  1. Probably a fair guess that they played 'Gypsy Queen', and that this jam would be something very much worth hearing. Szabo was a great guitarist cursed with an unfortunate tendency towards saccharine pop.

  2. Somehow, I just posted a comment that didn't show up. Anyway, my point was the Szabo is someone who kind of hovers on the edge of my awareness. At some point in the 60s someone suggested that he influenced Garcia, but I have a sense that that was the author's claim and not Garcia's. Don't know about Santana.


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