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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Fun with Color

Here is all kinds of color, from one John L. Wasserman column in the San Francisco Sunday Examiner and Chronicle Datebook from August 13, 1972:

Mike Bloomfield, Elvin Bishop, and Johnny Winter jammed together a few days ago at Keystone Korner. This interests me because I am trying to piece Summer 1972 back together (see Corry), and Bloomfield's movements are probably just as relevant (and more helpful, since he's more in the press) as the Merl and/or John Kahn movements. Of course, I am sure the music was good, though I actively don't love the first two, and have barely listened to the latter.

Pierce Street Annex has moved around the corner and now occupies the old Matrix club at 3138 Fillmore. This puts some time parameter around the Garcia-Guaraldi crossings at the Pierce Street Annex in the summer of '72 - presumably couldn't have been very much before this 8/13/72 publication (where "very much" might mean two weeks?).

There are also several Country Joe items in here, Yellow Shark take note.


  1. Cesar Ascarrunuz (sp?) held court at a place called Cesars 830 club. A lot of musicians hung out there and jammed, Luis Gasca, the guys from Malo and Santana and so on. Garcia definitely hung out there at some point, as he is mentioned in various "Latin Rock" chronicles. I have to think it was in mid-72, when he didn't have Merl Saunders and John Kahn to hang with.

  2. Yeah, Cesar is in lots of the reportage. I know you have this Jerry Garcia connection to that scene - still some haystack for me to sift in looking for it.

    1. I swear that back in '72 I saw a newspaper listing in the Chron for Luis Gasca and Jerry Garcia in some nightclub. I recognized Gasca's name from the back of the Ace album (he played trumpet on "Mexicali Blues"). I've never been able to pin it down

  3. 9/22/72Benefit for United Farmworkers-Luis Gasca opened for Jerry and Merl

  4. Man, I wish there was a tape of that show. That's the show that Jerry Garcia flew home for, between Dead shows, very unusually. Ron "Red" Dellums was one of the speakers.

    If anyone is looking for a project, I did not systematically follow Luis Gasca in the SFC listings (1971-1972) and Night Times listings (1971-1972) that I have just gone through. In other words, I have processed those listings, but I did not enter Luis Gasca as a steady object. I only entered him if something particularly interesting came up, e.g., Martin Fierro sat in with him.

    So if anyone is looking for a project, I'll share those images and you can enter data!


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