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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

JGMS: December 27-28, 1972 - Lion's Share

San Francisco Chronicle music listings, December 27, 1972, p. 44.

Garcia-Saunders-Fogerty at the Lion's Share in San Anselmo, December 27-28, 1972, as listed in San Francisco Chronicle, December 27, 1972, p. 44. Both the Hayward Daily Review and Berkeley Barb at various points listed Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show, contrary to circulating Garcia-Saunders tape (for which I have some notes that I just need to finish). But this SFC listing is later than those (day-of, for 12/27), and this info should trump earlier info.

I know there's a lot of back and forth on this show. Dave Tamarkin, Ed Perlstein, Pat Lee, and many other legendary young-at-the-timers might be able to weigh in. So there are recollections and there are tape labels, and now at least there's a fragment of hard contemporary evidence.

Corry, what's up with Stoneground being broadcast by KSJO-FM out of the Bodega in Campbell?


  1. A live broadcast of anyone, much less Stoneground, from The Bodega in Campbell, on KSJO is unprecedented.

    KSJO-fm in San Jose (92.3) was the first South Bay free-form rock competitor to KSAN. On the whole, it was a pretty good station, but it was definitely less hip and more hard rock than KSAN (mind you, in the early 70s "hard rock" was Stones and Led Zep). I was not aware of any live remote broadcast on KSJO, so this is is first.

    I believe if you google "sawdust covered South Bay pickup joint from the early 70s" and--appropriately--click "I'm Feeling Lucky" you go straight to a picture of the Bodega in Campbell. 30 South Central in Campbell. Mostly dance type bands played there, although a few bands with records (like The Sons) played there on occasion, so it sort of fits. The only GD connection was Keith and Donna on June 12 '75.

    KSJO and The Bodega must have been experimenting. I'll bet The Bodega was an advertiser on KSJO, so maybe this was a quid pro quo. Still, it wasn't repeated--KSJO didn't do live broadcasts, and The Bodega wasn't the sort of place that booked bands supported by record companies willing to pay for FM airtime. A great find.

  2. The Bodega tried to get Reconstruction, as I recall, but it never panned out.

  3. I just noticed that there is a listing for In Your Ear, which was at 135 University Avenue in Palo Alto. It was the former site of The Poppycock. The building burned down--a problem with a Pizza Oven being left on, supposedly--but I thought that happened in the Fall of '72.

    Of course only I care, so I will consult myself on this matter


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