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Thursday, February 14, 2019

BS Pass - JGB - Fall 1993 - Slack Tour

A while back I posted the crew tour book for the fall 1993 JGB tour, the band's last. Since I love the look of these, I thought I'd add them to the mix. No idea who coined this the "Slack Tour", but the Paul Mavrides image is great and these are just good clean fun.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Last Show at Alpine Valley: JGB, September 15, 1989

Jerry smiling at Clarence Clemons, Alpine Valley, 9/15/89. Photo credit: Todd Darrow.
The Dead played this space all (and very often well) throughout the 80s. Garcia played it once, and it was his last time there. There must have been plenty of room to boogie on this night, as the place was half-full, but Jerry sounds great and the show, as most of its tourmates were, is strong throughout. This is the penultimate show of  twelve in the two-week tour. Nice closing with a good, relatively long and weird "Don't Let Go" and the briefly-revived "Lonesome And A Long Way From Home", which never gets out like it used to be still comes off well. Bonnie Bramlett and Leon Russell wrote this great road tripper. Garcia's version followed Delaney and Bonnie's more country arrangement than Clapton's earlier-recorded R&B take, but Jerry took it out into some weird places, with some 70s versions clocking in at well over 20 minutes. After getting tons of play with the Keith and Donna era Jerry Bands (with both Tutt and Buzz Buchanan drumming), it reappeared twice in '81 (7/26/81, 8/20/81), then made five appearances on this tour (9/3/89, 9/5/89, 9/9/89, 9/11/89, 9/15/89) before being shelved for good.

Clarence accompanies the proceedings well enough, and it sounds like a good ol' time.

Jerry Garcia Band
Alpine Valley Music Theatre
2699 Highway D
East Troy, WI 53120
September 15, 1989 (DOW)
SJ MAC all-1 shnid-118330

--set I (7 tracks, 6 tunes, missing one song, 48:42)--
[MISSING: How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)]
s1t01. crowd and tuning [0:50]
s1t02. Stop That Train [8:00] [1:15]
s1t03. Forever Young [8:34] [1:02]
s1t04. Run For The Roses [5:36] [0:34]
s1t05. Like A Road Leading Home [8:35] [0:06]
s1t06. My Sisters And Brothers [4:11] ->
s1t07. Deal [9:#46] (1) [0:14]

--set II (9 tracks, 7 tunes, 79:53)--
s2t01. crowd and tuning [1:01]
s2t02. Harder They Come [11:16] [1:33]
s2t03. Mission In The Rain [1:17] [0:33]
s2t04. That's What Love Will Make You Do [9:56] %
s2t05. crowd and tuning [1:04]
s2t06. I Second That Emotion
s2t07. Waiting For A Miracle [6:36] [0:20]
s2t08. Don't Let Go/ [20:44#] %
s2t09. Lonesome And A Long Way From Home [5:54] (2) [0:02]

! ACT1: JGB #21b (THE Jerry Garcia Band)
! lineup: Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals;
! lineup: John Kahn - bass;
! lineup: Melvin Seals - keyboards;
! lineup: David Kemper - drums;
! lineup: Jacklyn LaBranch - backing vocals;
! lineup: Gloria Jones - backing vocals;
! guest: Clarence Clemons - saxophone.


! Recording: symbols: % = recording discontinuity; / = clipped song; // = cut song; ... = fade in/out; # = truncated timing; [ ] = recorded event time. The recorded event time immediately after the song or item name is an attempt at getting the "real" time of the event. So, a timing of [x:xx] right after a song title is an attempt to say how long the song really was, as represented on this recording.

! JGC:

! db: (MAC shnf); MAC (shnf); (Holtz Mac); (Holtz MAC); (this fileset); (Markson s2 flac24); (Markson s2 flac16); (Ted C. and Nat F.).

! band:

! map:

! JGBP: The Dead played this space a ton throughout the 1980s. This was Jerry's only show there, and his last time overall.

! listing: Milwaukee Sentinel, September 15, 1989, p. unk;

! ref: Billboard, October 7, 1989, p. 45. Show grossed $237,517 on 13,946 tickets sold. Venue held 25,000. The band got a $60k guarantee earlier on tour in Hartford, so it was probably in that range.

! historical: Bob Weir and Rob Wasserman acoustic duo opened.

! R: field recordist: SJ

! R: field recording gear: 2x Audio Technica 2-ATR-35 > Sony PC-39 > Sony WM-D6C

! R: field recording media: 2x Maxell MX-90

! R: Transfer: Harmon Kardon TD-302 playback (heads aligned to tape) >
Zoom H2 wav recorder @16/44.1 > SDHD > tracking and editing w/ wavepad > flac and checksums w/ traderslittlehelper, analog > digital transfer by arfarf on July 8, 2011.

! R: this isn't the greatest tape in the world, but it's totally fine and captures the vibe really well - the taper and his/her friends seem to be having a great time.

! P: s1t02 Jerry sounds very lively.

! P: s1t03 FY very good

! P: s1t05 LARLH so nice!

! P: s1t07 Deal gets pretty hot

! R: s1t07 Deal tape flip @ 8:41

! s1t07 (1) JG: "Thanks a lot. We'll be back in a few minutes. Thank you." Then the taper notes about his tape flip, correctly: "I never would have made it."

! P: s2t04 TWLWMYD features great guitar work, totally characteristic of the period. Check out the tones he works with in the 4-5 range, on top of totally fluid picking. Really nice.

! P: s2t08 DLG man JG just sounds so great here. By 9, things start getting weird.

! song: "Lonesome And A Long Way From Home" (s2t09). Bonnie Bramlett and Leon Russell wrote this great road tripper. Garcia's version followed Delaney and Bonnie's more country arrangement than Clapton's earlier-recorded R&B take, but Jerry took it out into some weird places, with some 70s versions clocking in at well over 20 minutes. After getting tons of play with the Keith and Donna era Jerry Bands (with both Tutt and Buzz Buchanan drumming), it reappeared twice in '81 (7/26/81, 8/20/81), then made five appearances on this tour (9/3/89, 9/5/89, 9/9/89, 9/11/89, 9/15/89) before being shelved for good.

! s2t09 (2) JG: "Thanks a lot. See y'all later on. Bye bye."

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Random Posts Widget added

I got to meet the amazing David Davis of Grateful Seconds yesterday. So much fun!

A random outcome is that I have replaced the top posts widget along the right side of the blog with a "random posts" widget. It pained me that I was creating a feedback loop for more and more people to read about the Golden Gate Park bust, rather than, say the Golden State Country Bluegrass Festival.

I just copied and pasted code from somewhere so it has a different aesthetic, but whatever.

Happy reading!

Saturday, February 02, 2019

RIP, Gloria Jones

Bob Minkin just posted on Facebook that Gloria Jones has passed away. May she rest in peace.

Friday, February 01, 2019

Monday, January 14, 2019

Fall '77 Gig Economics: The Case of SUNY New Paltz (JGB, 11/29/77)

Handbill for JGB at SUNY New Paltz, 11/29/77. Scan via Mark Cohen. Note that Ron Tutt is erroneously listed among the personnel.
The economics of the Garcia Band's Fall '77 tour have remained a little out of view for me, since I have never been able to track down itineraries, contracts, box office reports and all that, which I have seen for a few other trips. But a great report in the SUNY New Paltz Oracle lays them bare for one gig (11/29/77), and provides a snapshot into Garcia's rock star lifestyle of the time.

I should note that I have discussed a setlist rarity from this show (the Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun" inside the Wailers' "Stir It Up"), set forth some listening notes under the title "his voice is fading fast", and have also presented these kinds of data for a gig two years earlier ("Accounting the JGB: October 8, 1975").

The SUNY New Paltz Concert Committee brought in name talent a couple times a year for the students, drawing from student activity fees and generally running these events at a loss. But the earnest-seeming crew in place in Fall 1977, which seems to have been operating under the probably-copyright-infringing-but-totally-1977 name of "Jedi Productions", didn't plan to lose as much as they did on the Garcia Band's Tuesday night gig. For Google interest, here are the names and positions of the folks involved in putting on the show.

Kirt Madsen ... Production Manager
Eric Early ... Production Manager
Bill Dacey ... Stage Manager
Rick Markle ... Electrician
Joni White ... Talent Coordinator
Shari Berkowitz ... Tickets
Esther Friedman ... Publicity
Karen Reilly ... Hospitality
Rob Insolia ... Treasurer
Stan Wisla ... Security
Brian Higgenson ... Staging Consultant
Erica Pauling ... Secretary
Richard Someck ... Concessions
Randi Sackheim ...Programs
Debbie Golub ... Programs
Steve Martin ...General Manager
Jack Babb ... Assistant to General Manager

I would love to hear from any of them, especially Karen Reilly, who is mentioned in the narrative below.

According to the report in the school paper (Ratner 1977), the gig lost about $8,000, which is more than planned, mostly due to ticket sales of only 1,300 against a projected 2,000. But other aspects of putting the concert on probably also taught our young impresarios some valuable lessons in show biz economics. Here are the expenses.
Table xxx. Expenses for JGB at SUNY New Paltz, 11/29/77. Source: Ratner 1977.
So here we have the band at a $10k guarantee, whereas it got $12,500 at Penn State (Clifford 1977). Monarch does well on sound and lighting. But let me get to the "hospitality" line item, which generates the following data and story, a little sidebar under the heading "Garcia Serves Up New Paltz, Brings His Own Chef":
     When the Jerry Garcia Band plays a school, it usually submits a list of refreshment requirements: Freshly ground coffee (either of Sumatra, Celebes, Jamaica High Mountain, Mocha-Java, or Columbian beans); Coffee must be made via the drip method, not electric percolator; Three (3) bottles of good French red wine and one and one-half (1 ½) cases of Heineken Light beer; Four (4) quarts of orange juice – no sugar; Four (4) of bottled spring water; Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches and good cheeseburgers; a dinner meal for fifteen …
     When they came to New Paltz, they were willing to forego the refreshment requirements. Instead; they brought their own chef, affectionately named Cy Kocis, and asked the concert committee for $600.
   "I knew things were going to be wrong when they wanted $600 in cash Tuesday morning," explained Karen Reilly, the Concert Committee's Hospitality Chief. Karen managed to knock them down to $450.
     Cy Kocis arrived at 1:30 on Tuesday; installed a four-burner stove charcoal grill and large cooler in Elting Gymnasium 101, and went to work. Filet Mignon and halibut steaks were on the dinner menu. The cooler contained a sumptuous feast for the band and its crew. Karen was there to meet the entourage. In fact, she was there since 9:00, earlier than anyone, making sure everyone experienced New Paltz's hospitality. "But when Cy Kocis gave me 4 large butternut squashes and told me to start peeling and cutting, I told him I had to get towels, or something, for the stage crew." Everyone has their limits.

Why do I imagine this merits quoting at length? I love the standard contract rider information. I knew Jerry was a coffee junkie, but I didn't know he was a coffee snob (which I count as a point in a person's favor). Good French wine pleases me, too, though not sure who of the band would most enjoy it. I guess I have Keith as good for at least a dozen of those Heinekens, but what do I know? Burgers? Definitely Jerry.

Then comes "Cy Kocis". Interesting. $600 cash is also interesting, and suspicious minds sometimes wonder whether that kind of wad might not have bought more than filet, halibut and butternut squash. I also admire the cut of Karen Reilly's jib, haggling them down to $450 and taking a pass on the vegetable peeler. She sounds awesome.

Anyway, good color.

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Garcia's College Gigs

I am fixing to submit research assistance requests to the archives of the various colleges Garcia played. Colleges and universities, bound up as they are with modernity and imbued as they are with a sense of their own importance, document themselves thoroughly. Having sniffed around a few archives already, I am hoping there are some interesting tidbits to be unearthed as, for example, with the Dead's Folsom Field gig (CU-Boulder) on 9/3/72, at which an attendee appeared to answer nature's call in the President's box, which seems to have been a factor in restricting concerts at the venue the following year.

Nothing GD here, and no GD-NRPS. When I exclude the sit-ins that go along with GD shows (e.g., with Elvin Bishop on 6/4/78 at UCSB), I come up with 106 distinct Garcia gigs at colleges and universities.

The chart below provides the over-time view. At some point, I'd like to present this as percentage of all gigs, but I don't have time right now.

Figure xx. Garcia college and university gigs, annual count
Below follows a basic list, roughly alpha by school's colloquial name.

12/07/83         The Cage, Amherst College    JGB

11/14/82         Shapiro Gym, Brandeis University      JGB

Brooklyn College
04/04/75         Whitman Auditorium, Brooklyn College        LOM

Caldwell College
08/11/84         Caldwell College         JGB

Chico State
03/17/82         Acker Gymnasium, Chico State University     JGB

10/27/75         Bailey Hall, Cornell University            JGB

03/16/75         Macky Auditorium, University of Colorado    LOM
11/23/75         Macky Auditorium, University of Colorado    JGB
07/02/82         Macky Auditorium, University of Colorado    JGJK

CW Post
11/08/74         The Dome, C.W. Post College JGMS
09/16/76         The Dome, C.W. Post College JGB
12/06/77         The Dome, C.W. Post College JGB

De Anza College
10/10/75         Calvin C. Flint Center for the Performing Arts, De Anza College      JGB

Dominican College
06/06/75         Angelico Hall, Dominican College      Lesh, Lagin, Garcia, Crosby, Hart
11/15/75         Angelico Hall, Dominican College      Ned Lagin, Phil, Jerry, David Crosby, and Mickey

04/04/76         Page Auditorium, Duke University     JGB

Eastern Washington
10/27/78         Performing Arts Pavilion, Washington State College JGB

George Washington University
04/03/76         Lisner Auditorium, George Washington University    JGB
02/12/80         Lisner Auditorium, George Washington University    JGB
11/07/81         McDonough Arena, Georgetown University  JGB

Glassboro State College
02/15/81         Esby Gymnasium, Glassboro State College    JGB

Hartwick College
12/03/77         Binder Physical Education Center, Hartwick College JGB

11/21/77         The Playhouse, Hofstra University      JGB

Humboldt State
11/13/76         East Gym, Humboldt State University            JGB

Ithaca College
09/18/76         Ben Light Gymnasium, Ithaca College           JGB

Kean College
02/28/80         Wilkins Theatre, Kean College         JGB
11/15/82         Wilkins Theatre, Kean College         JGB
12/13/83         Wilkins Theatre, Kean College         JGB

02/05/81         Stabler Arena, Lehigh University        JGB

Loyola Chicago
11/17/78         Rambler Room, Loyola University      Bob Weir & Friends

03/12/76         Cahn Auditorium, Northwestern University   JGB

Oberlin College
03/13/76         Finney Chapel, Oberlin College          JGB

Orange County CC
08/15/84         Orange County Community College   JGB

Penn State
12/11/77         Recreation Hall, Pennsylvania State University         JGB
11/16/84         Eisenhower Auditorium, Pennsylvania State University         JGJK

Rider College
11/08/81         Alumni Gymnasium, Rider College    JGB

12/04/77         The Barn, Rutgers University  JGB
02/22/80         The Barn, Rutgers University  JGB
11/10/82         Livingston Gymnasium, Rutgers University    JGB

San Diego State
05/20/89         Open Air Theater, San Diego State University           JGB

03/03/82         Barbary Coast Room, San Francisco State University            JGB

10/17/69         Loma Prieta Room, Student Union, San Jose State University           NRPS
04/25/92         Event Center Arena    JGB

Seton Hall
09/17/76         Walsh Auditorium, Seton Hall University       JGB

Sonoma State
11/04/73         Gymnasium, California State College Sonoma          OAITW orig 10/7/73

Southwestern College
08/02/92         Devore Field, Southwestern College  JGB

10/03/71         Frost Amphitheatre, Stanford University        JGMS
07/09/88         Frost Amphitheatre, Stanford University        JGAB

SUNY Brockport
11/01/81         Tuttle North Gymnasium, State University of New York        JGB

SUNY Buffalo
01/29/72         State University of New York (SUNY) Buffalo HWJG
11/30/77         Center Theater, SUNY JGB

SUNY New Paltz
11/29/77         Elting Gym, State University of New York      JGB

SUNY Oswego
02/17/80         Laker Hall, Sate University of New York (SUNY) Oswego      JGB
12/11/83         Laker Hall, Sate University of New York (SUNY) Oswego      JGB

SUNY Stony Brook
12/09/77         Gym, S.U.N.Y.  JGB
02/24/80         Pritchard Gym, S.U.N.Y.          JGB
12/04/83         Gym, S.U.N.Y.  JGB

01/22/72         Crouse Auditorium, Syracuse University        HWJG
02/19/80         Landmark Theatre      JGB      not on campus, but put on by Syracuse University Union Concert Board

Temple U Ambler
06/11/73         Temple Festival Theater, Temple University-Ambler            OAITW

UC Berkeley
07/23/69         Bear's Lair, UC Berkeley         NRPS
08/01/69         Bear's Lair, UC Berkeley         NRPS
08/01/69         Bear's Lair, UC Berkeley         NRPS
01/19/70         Pauley Ballroom, UC Berkeley           NRPS
06/21/70         Pauley Ballroom, UC Berkeley           NRPS
01/19/74         Pauley Ballroom, UC Berkeley           JGMS
08/30/87         Greek Theatre, UC Berkeley   JGB
07/10/88         Greek Theatre, UC Berkeley   JGB
08/26/89         Greek Theatre, UC Berkeley   JGB
08/05/90         Greek Theatre, UC Berkeley   JGB

UC Davis
08/30/74         Freeborn Hall, UC Davis         JGMS
11/12/76         Freeborn Hall, UC Davis         JGB
08/07/81         Freeborn Hall, UC Davis         JGB

04/16/93         Pauley Pavilion, UCLA JGB
04/17/93         Pauley Pavilion, UCLA JGB

02/05/77         Campbell Hall, UC Santa Barbara      JGB

U Illinois Chicago
08/18/84         UIC Pavilion, University of Illinois, Chicago    JGB

U of Iowa
10/20/73         Fieldhouse, University of Iowa            JGMS   CXL

U Maryland
11/06/82         Ritchie Coliseum, University of Maryland      JGB

UMass Amherst
02/20/80         Fine Arts Center Concert Hall, University of Massachusetts JGB

U Nevada
02/21/87         Lawlor Events Center, Univ. of Nevada          JGB

U of New Haven
02/16/80         Charger Gymnasium, University of New Haven         JGB

U of Oregon
12/15/74         EMU Ballroom, University of Oregon            LOM

University of San Francisco
10/31/74         University of San Francisco, War Memorial Gymnasium      JGMS

U Vermont
11/14/81         Patrick Gymnasium, University of Vermont   JGB

01/23/72         Villanova Field House, Villanova University   HWJG

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
11/15/74         Alden Memorial Auditorium, Worcester Polytechnic Institute          JGMS

10/22/75         Woolsey Hall, Yale University JGB

Saturday, January 05, 2019

CXLv003 now posted

I have posted an updated version of my list of canceled Grateful Dead gigs and list of canceled Jerry Garcia gigs. You can access it via the link from the top-right of the blog, where you can also leave comments. Here is a direct link to the PDF of CXLv003.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Big Gigs, Little Ex Post Trace

Garcia and Saunders mostly played Bay Area clubs. But every now and then, usually in connection with multiact benefit concerts, they played larger theaters, auditoriums and arenas. Examples include BCT for the United Farmworkers on 9/22/72, Winterland for unspecified Hells Angels on 10/2/73, and BCT again for Ethiopian famine relief (8/23/74) and, on 10/12/74, for Padma Jong, a performing arts center on the Eel River.

Two that seem likely to have happened, but which have yielded zero expost trace took place on June 2, 1973 at the Marin Civic and on June 15, 1975 at the SF Civic. The first, especially, has always drawn me, because JGMS shared the bill with the brand-new Pointer Sisters and a Herbie Hancock aggregation transitioning from its Mwandishi to its Headhunter periods. Given the chance, I'd be awfully tempted to set my time machine back to this night to check out the action.

Let me just briefly drop some breadcrumbs on each.

June 2, 1973: Marin Civic Auditorium

An organization called Sausalito Is Spring organized three shows June 1-3, landing some major talent. The Saturday, June 2 gig was a benefit for the autistic classroom of the Henry C. Hall Elementary School in Larkspur, with the killer bill identified above. I have gathered up the following ex ante materials:

! preview: "Concerts Will Aid Autistic Children Class," Independent-Journal [San Rafael, CA], May 29, 1973, p. 11;
! ad: San Francisco Examiner, May 31, 1973, p. 25;
! listing: "Scenedrome," Berkeley Barb, June 1-7, 1973, p. 22;
! listing: San Francisco Chronicle, June 1, 1973, p. 48;
! listing: San Francisco Examiner, June 2, 1973, p. 10;
! ref: handbill.

 The 5/31 ad in the Examiners bills "Jerry Garcia & Merle [sic] Saunders," with Pamela Polland following in the same font, and then the Pointers and Herbie Hancock in smaller print.

Did this gig happen? Was anybody there? Was Gaylord Birch drumming for the Pointer Sisters? Did the Headhunters do what I imagine they must have, which would be drop down some deep, thick, funky fusion?

June 15, 1975: SF Civic Auditorium

This was a marathon, all-day boogie billing the following: JGMS / Country Joe McDonald and The Energy Crisis / Van Morrison / Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show / Larry Coryell / Chi Coltrane / Barefoot Jerry / Brother Mouse Band / Hoodoo Rhythm Devils / Soundhole / Brotherly Love / Pegasus / Caesar's Band / Lyons & Clark.

! ad: SFSECDB19750525p11;
! preview: "Marathon of Boogie," San Francisco Examiner, May 27, 1975, p. 30;
! preview: "The All-Day Boogie," San Francisco Examiner, June 13, 1975, p. 25;
! listing: SFSECDB19750615p07;
! ref: Wasserman 19750817.

It was a benefit for the Community Fairs Broadcast Foundation. Wasserman 19750817 doesn't mention JGMS, leading with CJ, and says the whole event was put on by amateurs and was an unmitigated disaster - BASS sold only 227 tickets. Since JLW didn't mention JGMS, I have some doubt as to whether they played. I reproduce my extremely low-res scan of a flier below.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Book on Nightstand at Serenity Knolls

I thought I remember that one of the big Garcia/GD auctions of some years back offered a copy of the book that was found on Jerry's nightstand at Serenity Knolls. Does that ring a bell for anyone? Anyone remember what book it was?

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Round Reels, Incorporated August 1, 1974

Round Reels is the company Ron Rakow created for film projects, not least the Grateful Dead Movie. As with many of Rakow's business activities, it's really hard to find any solid information about the company. So when the corporate stamp came up for auction over the summer, I was very excited to see it! This image was associated with the auction, but I guess the seal was pulled under threat of legal action, or at least in light of legal questions.

August 1, 1974. Happy Birthday, Jerry! I have always held that Garcia made the decision to Hiatus right in this time frame, August 1974. I imagine that The Movie, and thus Round Reels, was bound up with the Hiatus. If that's right, then the decision would have been at least a little bit before August. It could have been even earlier, but I don't think so. Thoughts?

Friday, November 23, 2018

Morse Codes as Light, Sweet and Lyrical: JGB at the Worcester Centrum, November 13, 1991

LN jg1991-11-13.jgb.all.aud-mutterperl.81368.flac1644

I can't believe this is my first write-up of a Fall '91 show. I haven't really dug into this tour the way I need to. It's good.

Jerry Garcia Band
The Centrum
50 Foster St
Worcester, MA 01608
November 13, 1991 (Wednesday)
Mutterperl MAD flac1644 shnid-81368

-- set I (8 tracks, 69:00)--
s1t01. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) [7:01] [1:12]
s1t02. They Love Each Other [8:06] [1:01]
s1t03. The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game [7:05] [0:30]
s1t04. Dear Prudence [12:19] [1:12]
s1t05. Like A Road Leading Home [8:46] [0:46]
s1t06. Money Honey [6:05] [0:19]
s1t07. Señor (Tales Of Yankee Power) [5:57] ->
s1t08. Deal [8:36] (1) [0:06]

--set II (7 tracks, 60:01)--
s2t01. [0:15] The Way You Do The Things You Do [11:42] [1:35]
s2t02. You Never Can Tell [6:58] [0:12]
s2t03. Waiting For A Miracle [5:38] [0:10]
s2t04. Shining Star [12:56] [0:50]
s2t05. Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox [9:08] [0:14]
s2t06. My Sisters And Brothers
s2t07. Midnight Moonlight

! ACT1: JGB #21b (THE Jerry Garcia Band)
! lineup: Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals;
! lineup: John Kahn - bass;
! lineup: Melvin Seals - keyboards;
! lineup: David Kemper - drums;
! lineup: Jacklyn LaBranch - backing vocals;
! lineup: Gloria Jones - backing vocals.


! Recording: symbols: % = recording discontinuity; / = clipped song; // = cut song; ... = fade in/out; # = truncated timing; [ ] = recorded event time. The recorded event time immediately after the song or item name is an attempt at getting the "real" time of the event. So, a timing of [x:xx] right after a song title is an attempt to say how long the song really was, as represented on this recording.

! JGC:

! db: (Schoeps shnf); (Carpenter MAC); (this fileset).

! band:

! map:


! Review: Morse 19911114; Fusaro 1991. Morse: "If the ever-mutating Dead are draining some of Garcia's energy lately, as he has said in recent interviews, then you can see why he's refortified by his solo band. They're a comfortable, even-keeled quintet that played a sublime oldies party for a near-sellout 12,000 fans last night. ... The band is a lighter, more sweetly lyrical forum for Garcia, who avoids space jams in favor of tight, to-the-point soloing and deft rhythm chops. It's the same modus operandi as the Dead: no talking, just music. But it's a smaller band and he has less to compete against."

! note: video of set II circulates and is visible on youtube.

! R: field recordist: John Mutterperl

! R: field recording gear: FOB Schoeps CMC 44 blue dot cards with 90 degree capsule offsets > 6' Monster M1000 cable -> Oade PS -> 1' Monster M1000 > Oade mod'd Panasonic Sv-255.

! R: field recording location: FOB;  Mics were hung from a necklace, just under chin height with roughly a 4 inch spread and 90 degree angle.

! R: Transfer:  MAD > B. Fried DAT > B. Koucky DAT > Sony PCM-R500 playback > S/PDIF > Presonus Firebox > Firewire > PC, XP Pro > Wavelab 5 (recorded as 24 bit/48 KHz WAV) > Waves L3 Multimaximizer, high res CD rendering settings (Waves IDR type I dither/ultra shaping) > 16 bit/44.1 KHz WAV > CDWAV 1.9 > WAV > FLAC (level 8). Transfer and encoding by C.Ladner. Seeded @ by the Green Mountain Bros, 1/2007.

! seeder comments: This recording is the same source as the shn set I circulated 4 years ago from a CDR source.  This flac fileset is derived from a higher bit/sample rate digital transfer of a lineaged DAT without the EAC/DAE generation.  The sound quality is spectacular for an audience recording and the performance is arguably one of the best of '91 outside the Warfield homebase.  Also this show features a rare live performance of "When The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game" (#8 [sic: 12] of only 10 [sic: 14] ever [sic: known versions]).

! R: really nice tape.

! P: Solid overall, though he (or I) ran out of gas toward the end.

! P: s1t03 THGCBTG excellent version, almost no lyrical flubs. See my "The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game" for more on this great tune.

! s1t08 (1) JG: "We'll be back in a few minutes."

Thursday, November 22, 2018

New-to-The-List from the Examiner, 1973-end

This is a followup to New-to-The-List from the Examiner, 1970-1972. I include new-to-The-List dates, some that were advertised and seem to have been canceled, a few other weird things I uncovered. The Examiner was quite a task. If the Chronicle were digitized, that'd be the last frontier for me. At this point, returns are diminishing, so if it comes online after 2018 I might skim it, but will certainly be less thorough in entering stuff into my spreadsheet than I have been with the Examiner. There's only so much time.

New to The List

It's possible that some of these didn't happen, of course. But I found these and couldn't find disconfirming evidence of them.

1/30/73 (Tuesday): JGMS at Keystone
! listing: San Francisco Examiner, January 30, 1973, p. 21.

8/12/73 (Sunday): JGMS at the end of Magellan Road, El Granada. "Jazz-rock concert featuring Merl Saunders and friends (including Jerry Garcia) at the end of Magellan Road" in El Granada, presented by Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society.
! listing: SFSECDB19730812p07.

1/3/74 (Thursday): JGMS at Keystone
! listing: San Francisco Examiner, January 3, 1974, p. 29.

3/30/74 (Saturday): JGMS at Keystone Stockton. Of course they played Freddie's shortlived venture out in the sticks.
Jerry Garcia and Merle [sic] Saunders, plus Paul Pena, at the Keystone Stockton, Saturday, March 30, 1974. Ad in the San Francisco Sunday Examiner and Chronicle Datebook, March 24, 1974, p. 27.
! listing: SFSECDB19740324p04;
! ad: SFSECDB19740324p27.

6/3/74 (Monday): JGMS at Keystone. One can wonder if, like the rest of the shows this week, this gig featured Tony Saunders on bass.
! listing: San Francisco Examiner, June 3, 1974, p. 32.

6/15/77 (Wednesday): JGB at Keystone Palo Alto
! ad: SFSECDB19770529p39.

4/13/79 (Friday): Reconstruction at the Rio Theatre. I had already concluded that Reconstruction did not play the Denver Rainbow on this date, despite tape labels to the contrary. Here's more evidence against a Denver gig.
! listing: SFSECDB19790401p14.

12/16/79 (Sunday): JGB at Keystone
! ad: SFSECDB19791209p24.

7/16/80 (Wednesday): JGB at Keystone
! ad: SFSECDB19800713p10.

6/10/82 (Thurday): JGB at the Stone. Ad says "note new SF date". Earlier ads had JGB at Stone on 6/13. So I suspect that show was canceled and this one replaced it.
! ad: SFSECDB-19820606p28.

7/10-11/84 (Tuesday-Wednesday): JGB at Keystone Palo Alto. Hard to imagine a show this late not having imprinted itself, but it was a midweek down south, before the internet.
! listing: SFSECDB-19840708p14.


6/10/75 (Tuesday): JGMS at Keystone. I wonder if this cancellation had to do with Jerry being occupied by the United Artists deal, which I date to the next day?
! ad: SFSECDB19750525p29;
! ad: [contra] SFSECDB19750608p29.

12/20/81 (Sunday): JGB at Keystone
! ad: SFSECDB19811206p14;
! ad: [contra] SFSECDB19811213p10.

6/13/82 (Sunday): JGB at Stone. This in earlier ads, then later ads show late addition on 6/10 at Stone, and this show gone. So I suspect this was cxl and replaced by that one. See entry for 6/10/82 above.
! ad: SFSECDB-19820530p22.

10/29/82 (Friday): JGB at Keystone. This is a weird one, listed as late as the day of the show. But Garcia left LA on PSA #348 dep 2:55 PM arr 4 PM in Arizona, and was supposed to check into the Fiesta Inn in Tempe for the next night's gig in Mesa, AZ. He might have flown home instead, gigged, and then gone from home back down to the southwest, I guess. But for now I will list this as canceled.
! ad: SFSECDB19821003p19;
! ad: SFSECDB19821010p24;
! listing: SFE19821028pE2.

2/25/83 (Friday): JGB at Keystone. I have this as canceled and re-scheduled for the 28th.
! ad: SFSECDB19830213p19.


8/6/73 (Monday): Keystone. The same set of listings show both Herbie Hancock and Steve Head, on the one hand, and JGMS, on the other, playing for Freddie in Berkeley.
! listing: San Francisco Examiner, August 6, 1973, p. 28.

1/21/83 (Friday): JGB at KPA, or Phoenix Theatre in Petaluma? Contradictory info out there. On the one hand, there's an announcement of the Petaluma show in a Norcal paper the day of the show, and Jerry gave an interview to a Norcal radio station that day. He is known to have played Petaluma the next day. On the other hand, an earlier listing in the Examiner had him at Keystone Palo Alto.
! listing: [contra] San Francisco Examiner, January 20, 1983, p. E2;
! preview: "Jerry Garcia performs tonight at the Phoenix Theatre in Petaluma", Ukiah Daily Journal, January 21, 1983, p. 8.

Jam Session Celebrating Dick Clark

Joel Selvin's "Lively Arts" column in the Chronicle/Examiner pink section on September 6, 1981 contained this little oddity:
Evergreen TV host Dick Clark celebrates his 30th anniversary on live television Thursday [9/10/81] with a program that will include a jam session featuring Duane Eddy, Gregg Allman, Stanley Clarke, Bo Diddley, Nigel Olsson, Dickey Betts, Charlie Daniels, Billy Preston, Mick Fleetwood, Lee Ritenour, Larry Graham, Junior Walker, Ray Parker, Jr., Tom Scott, George Thorogood, and Jerry Garcia.
File this one under "Hm."

While I am at it, I also learned from a pink section earlier in the year that George Thorogood was in the house for the JGB show at the Stone on 2/23/81, and the band and the crowd sang him happy birthday.

Hm again.

Monday, November 19, 2018

With and Without Maria: JGB at Keystone, August 6-7, 1977

If "without and with" rolled better off the tongue, that'd be the more accurate title, because here we have a pair of summer '77 JGB shows, the first admittedly only partially available, on which Maria Muldaur respectively does not and does make an appearance. I guess I am working toward pinning down her appearances throughout the year, leading up to the fall east coast tour, at which point she was unambiguously part of the band.

These aren't as sleepy as I had feared. I generally don't love '76 and '77 JGB, but these show some pep, and the tapes --Betty's, I presume, though as I note on 8/7/77, where these tapes came from and where they currently live remains a bit of a mystery to me-- the tapes sound great.

Listening notes below, not much to report.

Jerry Garcia Band
2119 University Avenue
Berkeley, CA
August 6, 1977 (Saturday)
s2 MSC Miller shnid-106922

--set II (5 tracks, 4 tunes, 46:59)--
s2t01. tuning [1:43]
s2t02. Sugaree [12:35] [2:36]
s2t03. Mystery Train [7:52] [2:12]
s2t04. Simple Twist Of Fate [11:37] [1:54]
s2t05. Don't Let Go ... [6:31#]

! ACT1: Jerry Garcia Band #3
! lineup: Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals;
! lineup: John Kahn - bass;
! lineup: Keith Godchaux - keyboards, backing vocals;
! lineup: Donna Godchaux - vocals;
! lineup: Ron Tutt - drums.


! Recording: symbols: % = recording discontinuity; / = clipped song; // = cut song; ... = fade in/out; # = truncated timing; [ ] = recorded event time. The recorded event time immediately after the song or item name is an attempt at getting the "real" time of the event. So, a timing of [x:xx] right after a song title is an attempt to say how long the song really was, as represented on this recording.
! JGC:

! db: all of these derive from the same source cassette: (shnf), (flac1644), (this fileset).

! map:

! venue: | |

! band: JGB #3 ( Maria Muldaur makes an appearance during set II the next night, but I don't hear her here.

! setlist: not sure if this is the complete set II (save for most of DLG) or not. Probably, I guess, as next night's set II ran about 45 minutes.

! ad: BAM, August 1977, p. 60.

! ad: SFSECDB19770731p43.

! R: Recording Info: SBD > Cassette Master (Nakamichi 350/Maxell UDXLI90)

! R: Transfer Info: Cassette Master (Nakamichi DR-1) > Sound Devices 744T (24bit/96k) > Samplitude Professional v11.03 > FLAC/16 (1 Disc Audio / 1 Disc FLAC). All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller,, February 22, 2010.

! R: nice recording. Betty.

! historical: Keith is playing electric piano.

! P: old notes: overall: Utter mediocrity, to my ears. Great, amazing tape, dull-as-hell music. New note: that's too harsh.

! P: s2t02 Sugaree comes in a little thin. Nothing like the big full swagger the Dead gave it, especially on the bottom end. Scrubbing over 10, it's nice. Not rushed.

! P: s2t04 STOF is rather a mess. Jerry is a little lost. Not good. The only plus for this SFOT is that there is no bass feature (though, to be fair, in 1977 Kahn could, at times and typically on other songs, be amazing).


Jerry Garcia Band
2119 University Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704
August 7, 1977 (Sunday)
GMB sbd s1ps2 shnid-86045

--set I (4 tracks, 3 tunes, end of set, missing 4 tunes, 37:47)--    
[MISSING: The Way You Do The Things You Do]
[MISSING: Catfish John]
[MISSING: Stop That Train]
[MISSING: Let It Rock]
s1t01. tuning [2:06]
s1t02. Russian Lullaby [11:49] [1:55]
s1t03. Knockin' On Heaven's Door [11:50] [1:57]
s1t04. Midnight Moonlight [7:55] [0:16] %

--set II (4 tracks, 45:27)--
s2t01. They Love Each Other [7:25]
s2t02. Tore Up Over You [9:26] [2:05]
s2t03. Simple // Twist Of Fate [10:#33] [1:34]
s2t04. The // Harder They Come [12:#11] (1) [0:22]

! ACT1: Jerry Garcia Band #3*
! lineup: Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals;
! lineup: John Kahn - bass;
! lineup: Keith Godchaux - keyboards, backing vocals;
! lineup: Donna Godchaux - vocals;
! guest/lineup: Maria Muldaur - vocals (set II only);
! lineup: Ron Tutt - drums.


! Recording: symbols: % = recording discontinuity; / = clipped song; // = cut song; ... = fade in/out; # = truncated timing; [ ] = recorded event time. The recorded event time immediately after the song or item name is an attempt at getting the "real" time of the event. So, a timing of [x:xx] right after a song title is an attempt to say how long the song really was, as represented on this recording.
! JGC:

! db: (incomplete MSC shnf); (incomplete MSC, this fileset); 106923 (complete MSC via Miller).

! map:

! JGBP:;

! venue:;

! band: JGB #3 ( * Note that Corry shows Maria coming in with JGB #4 on 11/15/77. We now have her showing up on 2/5/77, 7/2/77 and 7/3/77 (the latter without DJG, IIRC), and this show.

! personnel: Maria Muldaur comes in around 7:20 of TLEO, stays on board for all of set II. Hard to know if she is a member of the band at this point.

! ad: BAM, August 1977, p. 60.

! ad: SFSECDB19770731p43.

! R: Source: Soundboard Master Cassette > DAT

! R: Transfer: Panasonic SV-3700 > M-Audio Audiophile 2496 to Wavelab 5.0; mastering with iZotope Ozone 3 > CDWAV1.9 > FLAC (level 8); Transferred, Remastered by B. Koucky and Seeded by Green Mountain Bros. June 2007. 

! R: I wonder where this tape came from? It would seem associated with the Betty Boards, but by 2015 the presumed full collection of BB cassettes did not have these 8/77 tapes.

! R: sounds beautiful.

! R: s1t02 RL level drop ca. 3:25

! P: s1t02 RL bass feature 6:15ff-8ish. Good.

! P: s1t03 KOHD peppy for the period. KD some nice pie-anner 6 min range.

! P: s1t04 MM Garcia plays with great fluidity this whole night. MM also has a nice pep in its step.

! s1t04 weird that there is no setbreak announcement

! R: s2t01 TLEO the bass sounds so great!

! R: s2t03 STOF splice @ 5:38

! P: s2t04 HTC Tutt is drumming like he was born to play this tune. Stellar.

! R: s2t04 splice @ 10:58.

! s2t04 (1) JG: "[inaudible: maybe "so long"] - thank you."

Sunday, November 18, 2018

JGB in Chumash Country: Campbell Hall, UCSB, February 5, 1977

In my writeup of the Garcia Band's 11/20/76 gigs at the Pismo Theatre, I noted that Jerry urged the crowd to come see ol' Hoyt Axton in a couple of weeks. "He'll be down here doin' a benefit for Redwind, which is just a good scene, about forty miles from here, a lot of good people workin' real hard."

I elaborated:
The RedWind Medicine Camp was a Native American community, chiefed by the last full-blooded Chumash, Semu Huaute, located in rugged San Luis Obispo County. In correspondence, Bob Sewana Saenz explains: "Jerry visited me in SLO after a show at the Pismo Beach Theater in late 1976. I drove him and a few band members to Semu Huaute's (Chumash) Red Wind Medicine Camp. I showed him a school project that we were in need of funds to develop for the many children there." I presume they went up on Saturday, and came back down in time for Jerry to play his shows. He must have been moved, because he speaks. Even more importantly, he puts his money where his mouth is, headlining a benefit for the RedWind Foundation at UCSB on February 5, 1977 - but I'll get to that later.
Later is now. On 1/19/77, the UCSB Leg. Board approved the benefit gig, to be put on by Bob Sewana Saenz's Band Aid in support of Red Wind. The pre-show publicity doesn't mention this, the ad I have seen doesn't mention it, and the low-res handbill scan at gdsets doesn't mention it, as far as I can tell. But the documents are clear that the Garcia Band not only played the gig, but lent the promoter $1,000 to help put it on, a pretty righteous thing to do and part of a small inflection in benefits Garcia played in '77 (see also 6/23/77 for the Forest People of Camp Meeker and 8/12/77 for Greenpeace).

The shows don't move me much, though the late show "Don't Let Go" has some interesting passages. I find the sociometry more interesting, on three fronts.

First, there is a second guitar player present, playing country style backing licks. As noted on the 11/20/76 post, I know who this is but am holding it back for the book (major scoop! - not really). But, this player was present on nearly every known show from the first half of 1977, raising the question of whether this was a distinct band configuration as opposed to just a guest shot. These are academic questions also impossible to answer, but it's nevertheless interesting that a heretofore unknown aggregation appeared regularly as late as 1977.

Second, Chris Sobik drew my attention to a second female vocalist, and indeed we find Maria Muldaur providing backing vocals for both shows. This is the earliest Maria engagement with the JGB. update: that lasted for almost a day.  I have now heard her on 9/12/76. She had sat in with Jerry and Merl several times in '74 (and one night, the Garcia-Saunders-Fierro-Kahn-Humphrey aggregation backed her for a whole set), and at least once with the Legion of Mary in '75. (This post seems to cover the bases.) But, while Corry has JGB #4, with Maria a full member, emerging on 11/15/77, she had already joined the band onstage at least 9/12/76, this night (February 5th), July 2-3 (without Donna Jean), August 7, August 12 (Greenpeace benefit), and maybe others from this slow period for the JGB.

Oh yeah, one last thing: Deborah Koons made this trip with Jerry. FYI.

Listening notes after the jump.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Popper on Ignorance

"The more we learn about the world, and the deeper our learning, the more conscious, specific, and articulate will be our knowledge of what we do not know, our knowledge of our ignorance" (Popper 2002 [1963], 38).

"our knowledge can be only finite, while our ignorance must necessarily be infinite"  (Popper 2002 [1963], 38).

"while differing widely in the various little bits we know, in our infinite ignorance we are all equal"  (Popper 2002 [1963], 38).

we must "admit that all knowledge is human; that it is mixed with our errors, our prejudices, our dreams, and our hopes; that all we can do is to grope for truth even though it be beyond our reach"  (Popper 2002 [1963], 39).

"truth is beyond human authority" (Popper 2002 [1963], 39).

! ref: Popper, Karl. 2002 [1963]. On the Sources of Knowledge and Ignorance. In Conjectures and Refutations: The Growth of Scientific Knowledge, 3-39. London: Routledge.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

New-to-The-List from the Examiner, 1970-1972

In addition to the tantalizing May 20-21, 1969 Garcia gigs at the Matrix, the newly-digitized Examiner has yielded a good number of previously unlisted, mostly-midweek Garcia gigs. A little list  from 1970-1972 follows.

update: see also a subsequent list from 1973-end

11/2/70 (Monday): Jerry Garcia / BBHC / Ice / Cleveland Wrecking Company. Harding Theater. Benefit for A Learning Place. I don't know if this would have been NRPS or JGMS; I am listing as JGMS for no particular reason.
! Listing: San Francisco Sunday Examiner and Chronicle Datebook, November 1, 1970, p. 27;
! Listing: San Francisco Examiner, November 2, 1970, p. 35.

1/5/71 (Tuesday): JGMS at Matrix
! listing: San Francisco Examiner, January 5, 1971, p. 24.

2/4/71 (Thursday): JGMS at Matrix
! listing: San Francisco Examiner, February 4, 1971, p. 25.

3/30/71 (Tuesday): NRPS at Matrix. I interpret this as warmup for the east coast tour. BTW, they also played the next night, according to a redacted source, so we can add 3/31/71 (Wednesday), same band and room.
! listing: San Francisco Examiner, March 30, 1971, p. 24.

11/24/71 (Wednesday): JGMS at Keystone Korner. Garcia's first-known gig for Freddie Herrera had happened the night before Thanksgiving the year before with the New Riders. Jerry and Merl reprise the gig on its first anniversary.
! listing: San Francisco Examiner, November 24, 1971, p. 20.

1/18/72 (Tuesday): JGMS at Lion's Share
! Listing: San Francisco Examiner, January 18, 1972, p. 21.

3/1/72 (Wednesday): JGMS at Keystone Berkeley (formerly New Monk). I now understand this to be the very first night for the so-named Keystone at the corner of University and Shattuck. It's a fitting indicator of the centrality of Garcia to Freddie's enterprises that he would play this opening night at the old Monk. (See also "Jerry and Freddie, mid-March 1972".)
! Listing: San Francisco Examiner, March 1, 1972, p. 33.

6/3/72 (Saturday): JGMS at Keystone Korner
! Listing: San Francisco Examiner, June 3, 1972, p. 10.

8/31/72 (Thursday): JGMS at Keystone Berkeley
! Listing: San Francisco Examiner, August 31, 1972, p. 31.

12/26/72 (Tuesday): JGMS at Keystone Korner. This one puzzles me, because the KK would have been under Barkan's ownership at this point. Barkan has narrated that he once hosted Jerry and Merl (after he started booking the room on July 7th), but didn't dig the vibe and stuck thereafter with jazz. This could well be that very gig. I still don't know what to make of a listing for JGB at KK four years later, of course ...
! Listing: San Francisco Examiner, December 26, 1972, p. 28.