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Friday, August 22, 2014

Documenting the JGB - February 26, 1976 - Del Mar Theatre, Santa Cruz, CA

Continuing this little Santa Cruz series, I thought I'd use the next gig to lay out some nomenclature. A little taxonomy for your tastebuds.

Institutionalized Practices

The current title only came to me after I had just posted this more generically. It currently reads "Documenting the JGB" to complement the Billing and Accounting posts from the 10/8/75 shows (linked below).  Maybe the better term is Publicizing, because the documents I look at below are all publicly available, highly regularized, capable of setting peoples' expectations at the time and into the future. These are, in short, highly institutionalized practices. Maybe that's the biggest point about Accounting, Billing, Publicizing, and now Documenting. We know an awful lot about where and how to look for evidence. We have "well-formed priors", as my Bayesian sisters and brothers might say.

The Jerry Garcia Band played two shows, 7:30 and 10:30 p.m., at the gorgeous Del Mar Theatre, 1124 Pacific Street in Santa Cruz (CA, 95060), on Thursday February 26, 1976. [map | JGC-A | JGC-B | JGBP | cinematreasures | 10/8/75 billing | 10/8/75 accounting].

Nomenclature and Examples from JGB 2/26/76

The shows provide a nice set of public paper documentation that I'd like to lay out. Here are the key pieces, in my nomenclature: 1) preview; 2) listing; 3) ad; 4) review. There are a few other things that I code as mentions, some other things I just tag expost (which are really ex post mentions), but these four are the key categories, spanning the time frame from before the show (1-3) to after it (4).

1. Preview

The 2/26/76 shows at the Del Mar do not feature a paragraph- or article-length sneak peek (à la "Garcia Headlines Friday Concert" from OAITW 10/5/73). But they do provide, on p.1 of that day's Good Times, an attractive picture of a trim, smiling Jerry playing the white Travis Bean - this has all the markings of a snap from the 10/8/75 show. The caption essentializes, "Jerry Garcia and his band will play two shows at the Del Mar Theatre, etc. etc." A canonical preview would be longer, but I'll call it a preview anyway.

2. Listing

Same newspaper, same date, a little further back, there's a canonical (calendar) listing:

3. Ad

a) Same publication, next page, an ad:

I'd like to see this mandala design in color, but alas there is none. I can't quite make out the artistic attribution: would that be RIB design?

b) Basically the same ad in the campus newspaper, the City On A Hill Press, from the prior week, with some vintage 1976 Dennis Banks/AIM/Pine Ridge reportage. A little dissonance with your morning brew:

4. Review

Finally, a review (Harlan 1976):

One of the more lethargic programs these deteriorated ears have yet tolerated. The material … was inexcusably insipid and dragged on for countless minutes, almost to the extreme of note-to-note crawls.  ... humdrum, tiresome style of performing ... The tedium increased as Garcia's lackluster vocals ... and the acutely inept playing of [band members] curdled the show. ... numbing musical environment ... Wake up, Jerry!

So, to beat the methodological point to death, the best kinds of evidence is the kind that was/is/can be public. When looking for evidence to confirm or disconfirm a given event, the most systematic research method involves seeking out any or all of the above: 1) preview (ex ante), 2) (calendar) listing (ex ante), 3) ad (ex ante), 4) review (ex post). I also use a category called mention, which can be either ex ante or ex post (e.g., in the Chronicle's "Something Else" feature, or in the Staska-Mangrum column from the Hayward Daily Review). We could also think about announcement of the show (e.g., "tickets on sale tomorrow for Garcia concert"), but I don't tend to see too many of those.

There are other possible categories, but this covers most of them. Each can impart important information. When many are unearthed we of course gain more-than-additive confidence, through the mechanism of convergent validation.

Harlan, Brian. 1976. Garcia Concert Mediocre. Good Times, March 4, 1976, p. 3.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

JGMS: October 11, 1974 - Chateau Liberté, Los Gatos, CA

Unlike 3/22/74, a date for which I found no trace of a Garcia-Saunders gig at the Chateau Liberté, the Friday, October 11, 1974 gig there, for which we have some wonderful recollections from Michael Parrish, yielded a few paper remnants. Ironically, I believe that tapes circulating with this date are mislabeled hodgepodges of 1974 soundboard material. There are no tapes of this gig known to me, unlike Kingish from the next month.

But Sundaz was on the case.

The listing includes what I presume to the be opening act, singer-songwriter Jimmy Collier.

The ad has an interesting Merl-and-Jerry sketch, backed by Santa Cruz mountain pines.

I have never been able to figure out whether there's any significance, in this period, as to whether Jerry or Merl is listed first. This gives Merl Saunders and Jerry Garcia, but it can be lots of other things. Listing gives Merl Saunders, Jerry Garcia & Friends. I know that later the choice between JGMS and LOM was very conscious - there's really good evidence for that. But things are much more fluid here in fall 1974 - just how fluid is hard for me to say.

Must have been a great time. Wish I could have been there! Go to cryptdev for eyewitness color.

! JGC:
! map:
! venue:

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

OAITW - October 5, 1973, Civic Auditorium, Santa Cruz, CA

Ahhh, beautiful, beautiful libraries.

Below is the stuff I found around the Old And In The Way gig played Friday, October 5, 1973 at the Civic Auditorium, 307 Church Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 [map | JGC | JGBP]. cryptdev was in attendance!

Let me first note, because I can't resist the pretty colors, that this is the third-to-last regularly-scheduled OAITW gig. They played Saturday, October 6 at Keystone and were supposed to play Sunday in the football stadium at California State College Sonoma, in Cotati. Great art for that gig, "Bluegrass on an Autumn Afternoon", a White Cloud Production to benefit A World Peace [illegible].

Advertisement for OAITW at Cal State Sonoma, October 7, 1973 (rained out and rescheduled to 11/4/73), courtesy IM.
I see something toward the bottom that I can't quite make out, something will happen on October 15th in case of rainout, but in any case this was rained out and eventually played (and available for our listening pleasure thanks to a soundboard patch tape by the legendary Ed Perlstein) on November 4th. 

So they do Friday in Santa Cruz, Saturday in Berkeley, and then play the legendary Boarding House show of Monday, October 8, 1973, which is now available complete from Acoustic Oasis and which has supplied the lion's share of all of the officially released OAITW stuff, as the last regularly scheduled OAITW show. There's nothing else. Think about that. They quit, it ended, more or less right after getting all the tracks they'd need, for more or less a lifetime. The Sonoma State makeup happened on 11/4 and then, five months later, a cursory reunion set to close the Golden State Country Bluegrass Festival. That's it.

Long story short, I say, long story short, the Santa Cruz Civic show was the third to last regularly scheduled one.

I found a two previews, an ad, and a review.

First, from the UCSC paper, a preview that understands the fine musicianship underpinning OAITW, and I don't (nor does she) mean Garcia. "If you dig good acoustic country boogie, don't miss this one." (Note the El Topo ad, too, not least on AHATT grounds.) 

A second preview, in Sundaz, focuses on the gig's beneficiary. Jelly Roll Community Media (formerly Productions) has set itself up as a non-profit, putting on some righteous sounding programming at the intersection of empowering indigenous and other communities and the media and communication arts. Sounds like they were trying to give people some skills that they could use to make a living, form deliberative, civic and other community spaces, and so forth. The outfit was $4,000 in the red and the Civic Center shindig would hopefully wipe that clean. (Since the review implies the gig was not only a sellout, but oversold, one hopes that was indeed the case.)

So, like the Sonoma State gig scheduled for the same weekend, this was a benefit. Right on, gents.

Then an ad in Sundaz:

Finally, a fine black and white picture of Garcia picking the banjo accompanies the review:

Reviewer Michael Goldberg reports 1,600 satisfied customers, and some number of folks with tickets disallowed entry by order of the fire marshal. We get a little glimpse of the scene backstage, with Garcia, Wavy Gravy, Ramblin' Jack, the OAITW folks, and various locals being weird, Paul Krassner "wandering through dark hallways with slender women," Mr. Romney opining on the deployment of jello moats, instead of Hell's Angels, for event security.

Frye is identified as an ex-member of Santa Cruz mountains legends Oganookie, Ramblin' Jack played his usual set, and Grisman can play the shit out of the mandolin. Cryptdev discusses the show some. Reviewer Goldberg, for his part, "is getting a little bored with Jerry Garcia and his country/rock groups," playing well-arranged and technically proficient music that is "just not exciting". There's no accounting for taste, of course, but what makes me wonder is when Garcia's white working class side stuff was ever either well arranged or technically proficient! :)

Corry has this to say about the Civic Center:
The Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium ... is an excellent Art Deco style building that was completed in 1940. As Santa Cruz rose in importance, more and more performers started using the friendly little 2,000 capacity hall for warm up shows, or shows on off nights ... Garcia played the venue several times in later years. The Civic is just 2.1 miles to the UCSC Campus Entrance, as close as Garcia got to campus.

"Garcia Headlines Friday Concert," City on a Hill Press, October 4, 1973, p. 5. 

"Jelly Roll Rolls Again," Sundaz, October 5, 1973, p. 12. 

Arnold, Corry. 2009. The Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia in Santa Cruz County 1965-1987. Lost Live Dead, November 4, URL, consulted 8/14/2014.

Goldberg, Michael. 1973. Garcia, Elliot, Frye. Sundaz, October 11, 1973, p. 1.

Parrish, Michael. 2012. Jerry Garcia and his banjo in Santa Cruz 1973-75. Cryptical Developments, June 9, 2012, URL, consulted 7/30/2012.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

JGMS March 22, 1974 - Chateau Liberté

The McNally-Arnold JG List included Garcia-Saunders on March 22, 1974 at the Chateau Liberté. I presently list the address as 22700 Old Santa Cruz Highway, Los Gatos, CA 95033 [map | JGBP | JGC | Cryptical Developments | see also LLD]. I know of no documentation of this in the public realm, just the listing, which I presume to be based on union contracts or other office paperwork around the gig.

Sundaz the day of the show listed The Tubes at the Chateau that night.

Hard to know quite what to make of this. Anyone know anything more about the Garcia-Saunders gig at Chateau Liberté on 3/22/74?

Carousel, May 22, 1968 - Jerry Garcia and others

Garcia and others are listed for the Carousel on May 22, 1968. According to a report in Billboard (Lehman 1968), this was a benefit concert to promote bringing jazz into schools, with an organization called the Jazz Action Movement (JAM).

San Francisco Express Times, May 22, 1968, p. 14.

The night before circulates from Bear's journal tape, remarkably enough (shnid-22727). The poster for that night said "Rock Jam" and we know it as Tuesday Night Jam. Check the linked info file for players.

This night, the Wednesday, May 22 gig, lists no personnel. I could drool over which jazz players might have dropped in for this benefit. I don't know of any other information about this show, pending, again, a check on Rhoney Stanley's book.

See also my post glancing across the Tuesday, June 4, 1968 Tuesday Night Jam,  "Strung Between Dreams and Reality" (title courtesy of the great Ralph Gleason). I think, but am not sure, that 6/4/68 is relevant to Stanley Mouse's purple pig poster (AOR 2.170). Need to double-check. Rhoney Gissen Stanley's book covers the event in great detail.

AOR 2.170, Stanley Mouse, Tuesday Night Jam, Carousel Ballroom, undated. Could be 5/21/68 or 6/4/68 or other. I believe it to be from 6/4/68 but need to double-check. Image via
Anyway, back to listings, some nice color in here. I bet the Russian River Rodeo in Guerneville on Sunday, May 26 was a mighty time.


Lehman, Godfrey. 1968. Coast Group Set Up To Keep Jazz Alive. Billboard, May 18, 1968, p. 20, via Google Books.

Stanley, Rhoney Gissen, with Tom Davis. 2013. Owsley and Me: My LSD Family. Rhinebeck, NY: Monkfish Book Publishing Company.