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Thursday, September 18, 2014

JGMS September 9, 1971 - Harding Theater - New to The List

A few years ago we had a good time talking around some putative Dead shows at the Harding Theater, 616  Divisadero, on September 3-4, 1971. These shows have never been known from anything other than the listing I found, and they may not have happened.

I mentioned there the odd cluster of September 1971 Garciavents at the Harding - a September 10 JGMS billing and the NRPS gig from 9/23/71, in addition to the first weekend of the month. I have one more to add to The List, a Garcia-Saunders billing at the Harding on Thursday, September 9, 1971, per both a Datebook listing and an item in the SFC.

So now we have 3rd and 4th with GD, 9th and 10th with Merl and 23rd with the New Riders, all within the same month. That may be some kind of record - Jerry playing the same room with three different bands in the same month.

listing: DB, SFC, September 9, 1971, p. 44;
item: "Garcia, Fogerty at Harding," SFC, September 9, 1971, p. 44.

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