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Saturday, September 13, 2014

NRPS w/o Jerry, pre-Buddy?

I had found some listings from June that had NRPS playing at a time when Garcia was known to be unavailable, June 21, 1971. I wondered what they did for pedal steel, but the question became moot when I scrolled ahead a day and found a cancellation notice.

Questions, answers, questions: I have found another conflicting listing between NRPS and GD in the pre-Buddy Cage period: August 26, 1971, with the Dead playing Gaelic Park in the Bronx, New Riders are scheduled to play the Longbranch Saloon in Berkeley (per JLW "Something Else" listing, SFC, August 25, 1971, p. 25).

I wonder if they played as a Dawson-Nelson-Torbert-Dryden quartet that night?


  1. The NRPS played as a quartet one other time in that period.
    Corry writes that on 5/28/71, when Garcia was sick, "the NRPS had a gig at Peninsula School in Menlo Park in the afternoon. Michael Parrish attended the gig, only to find the NRPS playing as a quartet and the evening's Dead show canceled."

  2. The Gaelic Park show was postponed from 71-07-30 due to rain. It sounds like the Longbranch Saloon NRPS show was booked before Gaelic had a replacement date.

  3. Wow, you guys are gems.

    LIA, of course I had forgotten the 5/28/71 event - perfect!

    ROG, thank you! I did not know that 8/26/71 was a reschedule from 7/30/71. I did not have that in my notes, it's not noted at Deadlists, it's not in Deadbase IX, and it didn't come up in a LIA Deadsources post on 8/26/71.

    At I see a slightly different account: "This show was originally scheduled a week or so before and cancelled at the last minute because of a truck accident with the equipment or something like that." ( commenter PTRS, 6/14/2007).

    (LIA also note Marty's comment there!)

    I'd like to see confirmation of the 7/30/71 date for the rainout (the Yale Bowl show always looked strange all alone and lonely by itself out there, though of course it would make sense for the right amount of money). Either way, that Gaelic was a reschedule would explain why NRPS signed up for three nights and ended up bumping up against Leviathan (i.e., the Dead).

  4. I'm not sure where I got the rain info from so that could be wrong. A quick hunt around gives a comment on from 2006-10-17 for shnid 1559 "The concert, by the way, was actually a make up for a show in July that had been rained out." That could be where I got it from.

    The (composite) ticket for the show linked from deadlists is for 71-07-30 so it was definitely rearranged.

  5. I also didn't know that 8/26/71 was rescheduled from 7/30/71 - had not seen that before.
    Whether the cancellation was due to rain or equipment trouble or whatever, the date makes sense, since they played the Yale Bowl on 7/31.
    But, since their next August dates were in California, Gaelic Park had to be postponed til after their Chicago dates on Aug 23-24, when they were on the road again...

    Oh, and for what it's worth, the owner of the Poppycock in Palo Alto suggested that "the New Riders played there more than twice [in November '69], but I don’t think Jerry was always there."

    And, speaking of Riders without pedal steel, isn't there a July '70 Matrix show after the Festival Express run in which Jerry's lacking his steel?

    1. I think it is a logical conclusion that there was the occasional Bay Area NRPS gig without Jerry. Our job, of course, is to figure out which ones...

  6. "And, speaking of Riders without pedal steel, isn't there a July '70 Matrix show after the Festival Express run in which Jerry's lacking his steel?"

    Indeed, July 7, 1970.


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