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Friday, September 05, 2014


Was just enjoying Dead Sources on the nightmare scenario that unfolded at Georgetown on 10/23/70, and appreciating LIA's work curating this material. There is so much out there, I cannot keep up!

Thanks, LIA, for putting this stuff out there. Having the texts directly available is invaluable.

I wanted to riff from that and urge both all of my readers to follow the action at the links I keep to the right. I have them classified roughly as presenting data or analysis (though of course most do both). I myself keep RSS feeds and try to at least have a sense of what everyone is working on.

Shoulders to Stand On

There is some great work being done. Thank you, bloggers! If you know of other blogs I should link, please pass them along in comments. Thanks!

Finally, I want to encourage  anyone looking for a hobby, or who has a little interest in, say, doing some data analysis projects, some spatial work, or who is into digitizing, analyzing, and thinking about liner notes ... join the club! It's fun, and there are more data floating around than there is computing power trying to analyze it.

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  1. This one is not a GD blog or particularly active lately but anyone who likes the stuff we like will find plenty of good interesting 60s SF stuff to read in

    Check out his Rodney Albin thread if nothing else.


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