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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Summer '72

John L. Wasserman item in the Datebook of July 23, 1972, p. 25: "The Grateful Dead and crew are currently mixing down some 60 hours of music from their spring tour of Europe for fall release".

Saw something from Night Times from about that time, with prospective release date of October 5, 1972.

I note this because, in view of Corry's thesis about the crisis in Garcia's side projects in summer 1972, due to (temporarily/almost) "losing" Merl and John to Bloomfield [], I have been wondering what else Jerry was up to. Besides playing at the Pierce Street Annex with Vince Guaraldi, that is. This snippet reminds me that they were probably working hard to get E72 together. Not the same as scratching his itch to play all the time, but not like he was twiddling his thumbs, either.

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