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Monday, January 18, 2010

The other Warlocks

So the story I have preserved in my memory about the Warlocks' change of name in 1965 says that it was proximately caused by Phil Lesh's discovery of another local band using the name. I also have it in my head that the existence of these other Warlocks remains mysterious. I would put money on the fact that I am wrong on the latter count, especially.

Just in case, I thought I'd just note that the "chit chat" column of the Oakland Tribune, October 23, 1965, p. 7B makes mention of a local battle of the bands in which one of the competitors is The Warlocks, from Encinal High. (The column also has information on a tiddly winks contest, I shit you not ... no wonder that world was turned upside down by psychedelics. But I digress.)

Anyway, again, I am sure this is well-known, but I didn't know it, so I post it here for my own reference.

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  1. The correct story is that Phil Lesh discovered a single put out by another group called The Warlocks. At that time (early November, 1965) the one and only american band named The Warlocks that had published a single is the one from Tigard, OR.


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