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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hartbeats: October "1969" misidentification

I just briefly posted some time back with an image of the Matrix poster that I bought myself. I have now had it framed and I have to say that it looks wonderful. The nice thing about having obscure taste is that some of the stuff that really interests me (e.g., New Riders) has less of a premium on it than more mainstream items (e.g., related to the Grateful Dead).

Sort of in conjunction, I picked up Grushkin's Art of Rock. "My" poster is in there at plate 2.118, but it is misidentified as 1969. I think this might account for the October 1969 listings that show up on lists based on Gary Jackson's Matrix Concerts data (e.g., at I had suspected that these were a duplication of the October '68 dates, and now am about 99% sure. Not sure the direction of causality (i.e., Grushkin -> Jackson or Jackson > Grushkin), but it's immaterial. As of now, I am no longer listing Garcia and Friends at the Matrix in October of 1969.


  1. I concur with your conclusions about the 1969 Mickey and the Hartbeats/Jerry Garcia & Friends dates. The AOR has a number of other posters misdated as well. An example of which is the reprinted Ark posters that carry a printed 1967 publishing date for shows that took place in 1966.

    There are of course further questions introduced by the dates associated withthe legendary "Matrix Tapes". The vast majority of these dates have proven to be spurious - and I am by no means convinced that some don't actually come from The Fillmore - but that is another story. There has been a lot improvement to the list of Matrix performances in recent weeks and we should be in a position to publish an updated list in the near future.

  2. That poster is from Oct '68, but i also seem to remember that it was printed up a while ahead of time and the schedule changed somewhat after it was printed.


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