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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Garcia first solo album, tidbit

Not sure whatever became of this ... am I missing something? The only Douglas Records release with Jerry that I know of is Hooteroll? I don't recall any direct Commander Cody involvement with Jerry, on-stage or in-studio. File under "maybe was" or something like that, I guess.

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  1. I think this is a garbled reference, confusing Hooteroll with the first NRPS album. Outside of San Francisco and Deadhead circles, no one knew who the Riders were, so the release was probably considered a Garcia solo album. I forget the timing of the Hooteroll LP release, but its all vaguely contemporary. Commander Cody does play on the NRPS album, and Garcia played on an album on Douglas/CBS (Hooteroll).

    When Eric Clapton joined Delaney & Bonnie as their lead guitar player, most fans and promoters treated it as "Eric's new band," which it wasn't. NRPS was even more of a stretch: the idea that a bona fide rock star would play a different style of music in a different band on a different instrument on a different label (CBS) lacked a paradigm.


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