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Sunday, July 02, 2017

"When you add a new member, it becomes a new band"


This is a nice little interview with Garcia after the 11/6/79 Philly Dead show. He talks about "Mission In The Rain" and "Reuben And Cérise", picks some gospel Dylan to spin, tells the story of the Rambler Room gig in '78, and drops the titular line, which I like a lot.

WMMR Studios
Philadelphia PA zzzzz
November 7, 1979 (Wednesday) - 2:30 AM
26 min FM cassette

! historical: WMMR-FM Radio interview with Lyn Kratz & Michael Tearson at 2:30AM

01 intro [0:58] %
02 Brent in the band, Making Go to Heaven album [6:02] %
03 Story of Reuben & Cherise, Jerry's new guitar, Acoustic shows, Bertha the fan
04 Mission in the Rain, Egypt trip, Smaller venues, GD films, Eclectic listening
05 Terrapin II Suite, thanks & outro
06 DJ Talk [0:45]

! R: Transfer: TDK D90 > Nakamichi CR-5A > Edirol FA-66 > Wavelab > CD-Wave > TLH > FLAC 1644 tagged.

! R: seeder Note: This interview occurred in the wee hours of the morning after the 11/06/79 Spectrum show.

! R: seeder note: Thanks to Poordevil and Sounddawg for this historic tape!

! t02  "When you add a new member, it becomes a new band"

! t02 GTH: "I think it's our best album." Yeesh.

! t03 song R&C: movie Black Orpheus. "It's the Orpheus story, and the Black Orpheus adaptation of the Orpheus story. Plus we transmogrified it and put it into New Orleans and Mardi Gras. And we changed the outcome somewhat. It was one of those songs that was very slow growing. It started off with a melody that I was fooling around with, while we were working on Blues for Allah, and I gave a copy of the melody to Hunter, and he took it home and fooled with it, fooled with it, fooled with it. He came up with a lot of different ideas. And then, independently of the original melody, he set a group of ... those lyrics. And I liked the lyrics better than I liked the original melody. So, I dumped the original melody, held onto the lyrics, and, after fooling with the lyrics, and look at em for a long, long time, and really liking them, and really wanting them to work, I came up with the new melody."

! t03 @ late 5:50 11/17/78 "Dan Healy has a cousin who is involed in Loyola University in Chicago. They were doing a little small benefit for a famine relief thing in Pakistan, and so we got involved in doing just that - an acoustic show, Bob and I and Phil playing electric bass very quietly, and Mickey playing a little snare drum with brushes. ... we rehearsed it about 15 minutes before we went in and did it. We enjoyed it really a lot."

! t04 song: MITR. "It's about SF. It's about me in San Francisco. It's as close to autobiographical as it's possible for me to get working with another guy. ... Hunter is able sometimes to write if I would say ... it's very personal. It's him speaking about me. When I do the song, it's a very personal song, I'm talking about myself, my life.

! t04 @ 7:20 "I've always been a Dylan fan." "Music is music." "Even the worst music doesn't hurt anybody ... wound anybody." Jerry picked "Gotta Serve Somebody" to listen to.

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