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Saturday, July 08, 2017

GarciaLive vol. 9: JGMS at Keystone, 8/11/74

GarciaLive Volume Nine: August 11th, 1974 Keystone Berkeley - set for 7/28 release.

I have done listening notes on the Falanga-Menke aud, and beside the Four Tops' "Ain't No Woman (Like The One I've Got)" --and the tape-- it doesn't slay me. That said, I'll happily buy it - an uncirculated soundboard to support the team. Maybe I'll love it more!


  1. I ordered it too. The main thing on my mind, rather obscurely, is how the Estate "knows" that Bill K is on drums. If they just looked on their own website, it doesn't tell us anything, and it may not actually be Bill.

    Do we know from the audience tape for certain that Bill is the drummer?

  2. I have not seen the tape boxes, but I am given to understand that BK is identified along with the rest of the personnel.

  3. Right now I’m feeling pretty sure that it’s Billy on 8/11/74. Listen to Mystery Train: that’s his cymbal beat, and the drumming style is nearly identical to many other Aug-Sept 74 performances of that song (all of which also sound similar to the beat on Mystery Train from 9/2/74, which we know is Billy). Paul Humphrey, by contrast, played Mystery Train with a very different feel: compare any Oct-Nov performance and it sounds clearly different, imho.

    I’m still not sure about 8/10/74 (what circulates as 8/9). I once speculated that maybe 8/10 was a different drummer (maybe Paul Humphrey) because of the unusually extended material, but now I don't know. Using my Mystery Train test, it sounds pretty close, but not quite… it’s def not Humphrey, anyway. Assuming it's Billy is probably a safe bet, but I’m not as confident about that.

    1. Thanks for this assessment.

      It's remarkable to consider that for all the obsessive attention given to Garcia--certainly including me--there are so many unknown details about the music.

  4. The release is now on Spotify I listened a few days ago

  5. Just finished d1. Sounds amazing. Performance is bad.


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