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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Seasons Of My Heart


  1. Remarkable! Clearly there are more outtakes in the Vault than we suspected.
    The only information given is that this was September '69. I have to wonder where it was taped, why they were taping it, and what other songs were done...and if the Dead taped other studio rehearsals in '69?

  2. It's amazing that there are still undiscovered Garcia provinces, even at this late date.

  3. What we need is for someone to write a complete studio log for the Dead & Garcia, covering all their sessions.
    Til then, a lot of it will still be in the dark, so to speak....

  4. Yes. The problem is that the paperwork that should document all of that stuff has scattered to the four winds, if it ever existed - at least as far as I have been able to find. I probably have as much of that as anyone, especially on Garcia, and I don't guess I have anywhere near half of what actually happened.

    Dribs and drabs can be fun, too.

  5. just speculating - could this be part of the pigpen sessions that took place in 1969 at pacific high recording? or, a NRPS session?

    I-) ihor

  6. With Bobby taking the lead, it feels more like GD moving into country than NRPS, but I just don't know. I have never quite understood how the Pig tunes fit into the whole mosaic, but it makes sense to me that they should be from the same sessions.

  7. At first I thought it could be part of the Pigpen session, too. However, John Tenney (who was at that session) clearly remembered that Lesh & the Dead drummers were not involved in that session - they used another bass player & drummer that he invited. Whereas Seasons of My Heart is clearly all-Dead (and no sign of NRPS).
    It's possible that the Dead continued the sessions without Tenney to work on some other non-Pigpen country stuff. Or possibly they booked some studio time just to tape some rehearsals, as with the mysterious Aug/Sep '68 pre-Aoxomoxoa sessions. We can only speculate!

  8. ...and it turns out they did Sawmill, too:


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