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Saturday, August 01, 2015

GD releases on Youtube

What a great resource Dan Bryan has put together! In short, this is a way to access just about every official GD release via the official (sponsored) versions on Youtube. Thanks!


  1. Everything on this YouTube list is available on Spotify already! If you have an ipad the free version is full featured and with an Apple TV you can stream to your stereo.
    This user has a few years back posted a full chronological live playlist with all of these releases. It predates the Europe 72 box but it is on Spotify too.
    Other notable playlists on Spotify
    Jerry Garcia as sideman on others albums
    Roots of Jerry Garcia, many original versions of jgb and gd cover songs,it's fantastic!

  2. The dicks picks Bol 1-36 are grouped in this playlist
    The other series : studio collection ,studio rarities, live rarities, boarding house complete, download series,road trips, box sets, etc. are all grouped by Spotify.

    A year by year playlist selection in case you get a hankering for a particular year. A limitless outdated it's from 2013 so it's missing recent releases,


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