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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lost Godchaux-Muldaur Era JGB

New to The ListStanford Daily listing shows JGB at Keystone Berkeley Saturday, August 12, 1978 (long known via the Soto-McNally-Arnold JG List, and there is tape), but also Sunday, August 13, 1978. The latter would be new to The List.

 ! listing: Stanford Daily, August 11, 1978, p. 7. 

Still Uncertain? 11/4/78 and a Bonus Speculation

I don't know where things stand with respect to the "So What" show, Friday 11/3/78, or the next night (11/4/78) as the last Garcia Band shows of the Godchaux era, four months before they'd last play with the Dead. 11/4/78 has a question mark in the Soto-McNally-Arnold JG List. JGBP: "I was at the 11/3/78 show, I thought this was the last one, as they played an unusual So What to open the second set. From recollection, I don't think 11/4/78 happened." Those are two strikes against it.

For what it's worth, the 11/4/78 show was listed in the Stanford Daily of 11/2, and I now have the following around that show:

! listing: Stanford Daily, November 2, 1978, p. 9;
! listing: BAM no. 43 (November 3, 1978), p. 10;
! ref: Arnold, Corry. 2011. "So What" The Jerry Garcia Band: Keystone Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA November 3, 1978. Hooterollin’ Around, May 13, 2011, URL, consulted 12/28/2013;
! ref: JGBP comment at JGMF, January 11, 2014 at 6:15:00 PM MST, URL

So the Saturday 11/4 show was advertised well, but canceled. The Friday show has the "So What" bustout, and JGBP reckoned at the time that Friday was the last show. How do we reconcile these observations? The Stanford Daily was just that, a daily, so the November 3-4 listings could have been called in on Halloween or 11/1, right? Maybe even 11/2? And then something happens to result in the lucrative Saturday show getting canceled.

Deadhead rumor mill (and maybe The Sources) have always hinted that Keith stole some of Garcia's drugs. If the foregoing things are true (that as of 11/1 the Saturday gig was still on, by 11/3 it was off) - I speculate that this represents a window within in which things changed rather abruptly for the Godchaux Era JGB.

p.s. it's remarkable that there are still potential shows to discover as late as 1978.


  1. Regardless of the Stanford Daily, I was at the 8/12/78 show. It was at Keystone Berkeley. I have the master tape: AUD>(John Angus and Scott Hart)>ECM 99>SONY TC D5.

    1. Right, it doesn't say that 8/12 didn't happen, just lists both 8/12 and 8/13.

  2. OK, You have it as Keystone Palo Alto at the top of your post.

  3. JGMF, is there anyway you could share your Jerry list ? I would be super interested to see it!

  4. It's basically the old TJS list plus all of the shows I have laid out here with the tag TJS-addition, plus all of the studio sessions I have gathered. At some point I really need someone who can make a database around it.

    1. If you're interested in following up, feel free to email me.


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