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Monday, June 08, 2015

So He Goes Nowhere

This fileset is great - awesome tape by Joani Walker. It also includes a few great tracks from the Warren Zevon set and a post-show interview with Bob Weir. Here's an interesting little exchange, 24 minutes into the interview, or thereabouts.

Bob: "Garcia, who's really visible for miles ... he can't go anywhere. He gets absolutely no peace anywhere. So he goes nowhere. He stays with his friends, and that's about it."
Interviewer: "And people are still 'Captain Trips'ing him."
Bob: "Yeah."
Interviewer: "That must be, in a way, a kind of Hell, the times that that happens that he doesn't want it."
Weir: "Well, on the other hand he's sort of architected his life around that, and lives quite comfortably within the confines of the existence that he's more or less constructed for himself. He practices a lot, he writes. He hangs out with his close friends."
Weir sounds full of regret that this is Jerry's circumstance. I note that and note that this was Garcia's reality, part of the Burden of Being Jerry as observed by Bob, already by 1980.

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