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Friday, June 12, 2015

One of these is not like the others


  1. Who is "not like the others"? John Sebastian? He was supposed to be part of Crosby, Stills and Nash in the beginning, but all parties agree that it wouldn't have worked. Sebastian was part of that whole scene, even if his star has dimmed considerably since then 60s

  2. Yes, Sebastian. The article is about San Francisco. I can barely recall ever having seen him enter the Garciaverse.

  3. "John Sebastian's solo career received an unexpected kick-start in August of 1969 at the legendary Woodstock Festival. Sebastian had been living in a tent on the Grateful Dead's ranch at the time, writing new songs that would eventually comprise his first solo album and as is obvious from any photos of him from that era, learning all about tie-dying techniques from the Dead's family and friends."[1]


  4. Thank you, Fred. Still hit or miss, as hobby must be.

  5. John Sebastian connects to Garcia via David Grisman, who was in the Even Dozen Jug Band with him. McNally 2015, 112.

    1. Maria Muldaur (then Maria D'Amato) was in the Even Dozen Jug Band as well.


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