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Friday, June 05, 2015

Independent Voices

Independent Voices: An Open Access Collection of An Alternative Press

I signed up, click browse, did a search on "Grateful Dead" and ... wow ... check it out. Lots of results. I do not see a way to access the scans, and a subcription link gets me nowhere.

If you are interested in that stuff and have the means, I am sure throwing a few bucks their way, or more than a few --there are plenty of affluent former hippies, if Berkeley and Boulder are any indication, just to mention a few of the B's-- maybe you can see what they need and write a check. I look forward to having all of this amazing cultural material scanned and available, decades of reading to do!


  1. they do not allow any more sign ups! :-( :-(

    I-) ihor

  2. Truth be told, I am not even sure they accept donations. Looks like it is funded via contributing libraries.


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