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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

GD 6/23/74 Jai Alai Fronton

Play it loud.
Sard Thee Well, Jerry Moore.

Only Grateful Dead version of "Let It Rock".

Interviewed by Ken Wardell 6/8/74 backstage after the Dead's Oakland Coliseum show, Garcia talked about the tune, which he put on Compliments:
One of the reasons that we did that song was that, in my opinion, that’s Chuck Berry’s most economical tune. It only has three short verses, and no catchy refrain that made a lot of his other songs popular. And it’s just a direct, hard, simple narrative. It says what it says, and it’s dynamic, and it’s all of that. It’s just a beautiful piece of rock n roll poetry, whatever that is. That’s what that song is to me. The lyrics to it are incredible.


  1. I believe that 6/23/74 was the day that Compliments was released -- I think I saw that in an old Deadbase. "Let it Rock" was the (only?) single off the album. I always figured this was a rare nod to Garcia's solo career by the GD.

  2. Indeed, not many like that. Reuben and Cherise made a JG-GD crossover, Mission In The Rain (sort of), what else? I didn't know LIR was the only single - that makes this performance even more interesting, thanks!

    1. "what else?" Knockin' on Heaven's Door crossed over as a cover, as did Masterpiece, albeit it became a Bob on Bob song. Deal and Sugaree both appeared first on Jerry's first solo record, although I'm unclear which band performed them first - I'm thinking GD. Scratchin'' my head on any others, though.

  3. Deal and Sugaree definitely Dead first.

  4. It is odd that so few crossed over, considering that something like ten Dead standards were on Garcia's solo albums. What made most of them untouchable by the JGB? Except for a couple songs, he wanted a different repertoire in each band...
    Did any interviewer ever ask him about this?

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