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Thursday, July 12, 2012

ISO Impresarios

I am hoping to be in touch with folks involved with various Bay Area venues that hosted Garcia. Jerry Garcia's Brokendown Palaces does a great job on the venues. I am hoping to speak to the people who ran them, worked there, anything.

I have been in touch with Michael Considine of the Lion's Share in San Anselmo, but I no longer have current email for him.

Who ran the Inn of the Beginning in 1969, when the NRPS played there? The 9/18/69 show predated the arrival of Ward Maillard and then Mark Braunstein. We know how valuable Mark's calendars and ledgers have been in helping to document the IOTB!

The Boarding House, 960 Bush Street in the city. Who ran this place ca. early 1973, when Garcia was playing there all the time with both Merl and OAITW? Whoever booked Four Nights at the Boarding House: April 13-16, 1973 is my show business hero.

The Orphanage, 807 Montgomery Street. This one also enters the Garciaverse in early 1973, same profile as the Boarding House. Any place that Joel Selvin refers to as a "cocaine speakeasy" (the 1996 SF Musical History tour book) needs to be understood to really understand the times!

Homers Warehouse. I guess the guy who ran it is writing a book.

Sophie's, Palo Alto.

Rio Theater, Rodeo

River City, Fairfax.

River Theater, Guerneville

Theatre 1839, SF

Temple Beautiful, SF

etc. etc.

If you worked in the Bay Area club scene and crossed paths with Garcia in that capacity, please drop me a line!


  1. Rio Theater-Peter Van Kleef and Steve Levine 1976- 1980.

  2. The Boarding House was run by a guy named David Allen, a real character who had been the house manager for Enrico Banducci at the Hungry i. He has sadly passed away. He booked a lot of great acts, way ahead of their time. I saw The Tubes there before their first album--it was so amazing we went home and renamed the family cat after the lead singer (Fee the cat, RIP, outlasted The Tubes themselves). I saw Carlene Carter with The Rumour one year and Clover the next--it was a great little place.

  3. On the theme of pets named after the "famous", our children had goldfish named Mark and Howard after the Phlorescent Leech and Eddie.


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