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Friday, July 13, 2012

JGB in Memphis, March 28, 1976


I made this post to ask about this show, which has always been shrouded in some mystery and confusion. It is listed, without comment, on the McNally-Arnold JG List. TJS has had a note, information of unknown provenance, that the show was canceled "due to an illness in the band." I also had a question about the venue name. I can now report the following.

First, this show absolutely happened. There is paper from ex post reporting on specifics of the event, memories of the event, etc. Here is a ticket stub, contributed by Paul Williams, who contributes recollections below:

Second, Jerry Garcia's Brokendown Palaces has reported out on the venue name, as North Hall, Ellis Auditorium, 255 North Main Street, Memphis, TN, 38103. That's what's listed at The Jerry Site. But correspondent Paul Williams confirms that it was in the South Hall. Here's what he says, reposted with permission:

It was definitely the South Hall, which was the smaller of the two, about 2400 seats. The stage was in between the two halls, and for really big events, like wrestling, they would use both. Both halls were wonderful acoustically, especially the south. When Springsteen played there in '76, they sold tickets for the North Hall (4500), and when it undersold, they moved it to the smaller hall at the last minute. I'm just about positive that was not the case with Jerry, I'll have to dig out my ticket stub to confirm. I used to usher there ...  so I remember stuff like that. I don't remember the size of the crowd, just that the audience was VERY appreciative, and that Jerry was smiling a lot and seem to dig the vibe. They did a long version of "After Midnight" that just brought the house down.

Thank you, Paul!


  1. I don't know why it was cancelled or if it was ever scheduled but I have an interesting post on that venue that will be published shortly.

  2. The address of North Hall, Ellis Auditorium, Memphis, TN, is 255 North Main, Memphis.

  3. Is there ANY way to access those AFM records? Those would be a goldmine, especially for things like studio sessions, about which we know so very little.

    1. Said in the voice of Sid The Sloth: "An excellent question!"

    2. I shouldn't be coy. The answer is yes. Typically, one need only ask. Each AFM local is different. Some of the big ones will do their own research and have you pay (sometimes hefty) fees for the service. Some are "closed", as far as I know. And some have papers that you can consult on-site. Unions are characteristically modern organizations, implying, among many other things, that they generate lots of paper.

  4. I was at this show. 14 years old, my first Jerry show. I was also at the Springsteen show.


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