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Sunday, July 29, 2012

JGMS February 7-8, 1975: canceled?

The Jerry Site lists JGMS shows for Friday, February 7, 1975 and Saturday, February 8, 1975, based on listing in Hayward Daily Review, 1/31/75, p. 44.

The above are clippings of the Keystone's weekly ads, I don't know from which paper. The ad beginning with 1/25 indeed shows the JGMS shows, but the next one, starting 2/1/75, has California replacing JGMS on Friday and, tentatively, Butch Whacks doing so on Saturday.

Because we have such great data from so many sources, I haven't started going through and cross-checking various dates against these kinds of sources. It would be time-consuming. But here's an instance in which this little weekly listings, being sequential, reflects the kinds of fine-grained changes that we might find in them. Here's one case, anyway.

I suggest that Listings for this date --i.e., The List, i.e., now, The Jerry Site -- reflect a cancellation for JGMS. Thoughts?

Also, I believe that the Kingfish listings for 2/14-15/75 are new and should be added to the Kingfish lists.


  1. I agree with your logic here. Garcia/Saunders were canceled at the last minute, and replaced by a local band with a one-dollar cover band. California was a sort of Chicago-type band, with a big horn section. They played my high school graduation, along with Crackin' (from San Mateo--no cover on January 27).

    Note Howard Wales opening for The Sons--do you think Terry Haggerty played with him? And who was the "big guest star" on February 10?

    I should add that in the context of this blog, Frankie Beverly went on to form Frankie Beverly and Maze, who are now referred to as some sort of black Grateful Dead (really, I kid you not, I read this in a McClatchy national paper just last week).

  2. I don't know about 2/10/75.

    I wonder why JGMS canceled?


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