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Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Quick at San Quentin

And Bear was there taping. I assumed immediately this was 2/15/68, partly, I am sure, in hope that this means that the Quick sets from the Pacific Northwest Tour were taped. Hamina hamina. That said, I don't see any reference to Quick guys in the various reports of this gig.

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update: looks like Ross has confirmed Quick guys 2/15/68. Do we imagine Bear would have labeled his tape as QMS?

What about this 4/11/67 listing (not in Deadlists)? Any chance that a) QMS guys were there and b) Bear was taping?

In the alternative, what about the "3/7/68" thing, also putatively a San Quentin date, per Deadlists. Any chance a) this happened (w/ QMS), and b) Bear taped?

Let me step out of my Garciacentrism for a second, actually: I am only looking for QMS at San Quentin that crosses Jerry or the GD. Is there any other known QMS there? I see nothing at Bruno's list.

Anyway, man, 1,300 reels of stuff. Wow.

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  1. This is a mystery. Maybe it was misreported, or the reel label is misleading.
    There are no known QMS shows at San Quentin, right? So it could be an unknown show. I don't know whether Bear taped any QMS shows when they weren't playing with the Dead. At any rate, he wasn't on the 1968 Pacific Northwest tour that I know of (Healy was taping those shows).
    The dates here all seem unlikely:
    4/11/67 - QMS not known to be at the show; Bear was not taping the Dead (or anyone?) at this time.
    2/15/68 - full QMS not known to have played; Bear not known to be present or recording.
    3/7/68 - almost certainly a misdate of the 2/15/68 show.
    But anything's possible!


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