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Monday, June 12, 2017

E72 post 05

4/26/72, at the Jahrhundert Halle in Frankfurt, is a monster show. No wonder most of the show figured as the first post-Garcia live Dead release, Hundred Year Hall.

The 36-minute "The Other One" has not an ounce of fat. At one point Phil is doing a little waltz that sounds like the bastard child of "Clementine" and "The Seven". (LIA connects this piece from 4/26/72 to the Hartbeats, which is consistent.) The whole thing is just jaw-dropping.

"Comes A Time" is great, less oversinging. I love the falsetto, but it just didn't work. The tune sounds smoother than earlier versions.

"Lovelight" - is this the first one of the tour? It starts off LL and drops into much more of a Caution space, never really returning. Some very good stuff in here, also reminiscent of the E72 Good Lovin's.

Jerry is pushing GDTRFB while most of the rest of the band seems to want NFA. A few very interesting things happen in this track.

Overall, yeah, classic show, deserving of the attention it has gotten.

Started off on 4/29/72 in Hamburg, did anybody but Bobby know whether it was "Black-Throated Wind" or "Jack Straw" before he started singing? BTW is far and away inferior, though Jack Straw hadn't really gotten itself pinned down yet. Not surprising the latter stayed pretty continuously in the repertoire, the former, not so much.

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  1. not sure if your Jack Straw/BTW question was tongue-in-cheek or not, but the giveaway is that Bob strums an E chord to begin Jack Straw, but an E chord followed by an E7 for BTW (listen close: it sounds like he's adding another note). Jerry didn't always catch it (there are a few times that Jer starts his trickle-in Jack Straw intro as Bobby starts singing BTW), but it seems to usually have done the trick.


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