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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

E72 post 08

5/4/72 is good, but not as good as the previous night.

"You Win Again" and "It Hurts Me Too" back-to-back killed my buzz.

"He's Gone" again reverses the cat on a tin roof and nine mile skiddin verses, to ill effect. I think he's figuring out that the other was it better. On the other hand, on this night he only lost one round, so that's better.

Good Lovin' is just unbelievable. It starts a little slow, but after five minutes or so I was convinced this was the best GL of all time, and the whole 20 minute thing failed to disabuse me of that idea. Pig was just so on fire this tour, my goodness. Someone with a taste for the ribald ought to transcribe his E72 Good Lovin' raps - no cuss words, in particular, but definitely NSFW.

Did he really then do "Next Time You See Me" right after that GL? That might explain why there's no Caution after Sugar Mag.

The "Dark Star" is great, "Uncle John's Band" is still done, to my delight, more in the album form - good clean country.  I was thinking about Sugar Magnolia in the same way - as long as they were doing it like the album, I loved it. When it went from sweet country psychedelia to cocaine screaming, I lost interest.

Got 5/7/72 off and running.

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