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Saturday, March 19, 2016

untitled 19750820b

Anyone know the funk-fusion instrumental that ends set I of 8/20/75, Keith and Donna Band at the Great American Music Hall, a week after the Dead's picture-perfect performance in the same hall, a personal favorite space of Jerry's from playing it with Merl? On the much-appreciated Reinhart Holwein tape (shnid-107746), it is d1t08.

JGC doesn't seem to know either, but rather than laying out there as an unknown, they just excise it, leaving the poor unsuspecting fan to imagine that "Sweet Baby" ended the set, which it patently did not.

! JGC:

This track is hot as hell in lots of places. What is it?

Commenter Nick offers this:
I have it labeled "David's tune (Gm)" in my notes.  If you strain your ears, you can hear someone on the sbd recording saying, “David’s tune… David’s tune… G minor” (this is d2t06 @1:26 on shnid=21672).  And, indeed, the funk instrumental (d2t07) is in G minor (the circulating sbd runs a half-step sharp, but it's definitely in Gm on the pitch-corrected MOTB aud).  There was no one named David in the band, though (??), and I've never bothered to dig around as to who David might be.  Any ideas?
Based on this, I think "David's tune (Gm)" is a great working title, or maybe for now I'll just keep both names, i.e., untitled 19750820b - "David's tune (Gm)".

Recall that Corry has written up this night's version of Freddie Hubbard's "Straight Life" through the lenses of, variously, Art Pepper and Jerry Garcia in the summer of 1975.

! ref: Arnold, Corry. 2012. August 20, 1975 Great American Music Hall, San Francisco: Keith And Donna with Jerry Garcia ('Straight Life"). Lost Live Dead, March 29, 2012, URL, consulted 12/27/2013.

It looks like that will be "the book" on this gig.

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