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Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Blogging Hobby

Blogging is a great hobby - if you have ever thought of just wanting to keep some intellectual interest of yours pinned down a little better than purely in your head, I highly recommend it.

Among Blogger's very limited features - You Get What You Pay For, Corry reminds us, and as a Braudelian he means it - is the statistics function. I check occasionally to see hit counts (pretty steady around 250, declines to 150 if I have a fallow month, increases to 350 and higher depending on idiosyncrasies of people dropping links), see what people are reading.

That latter is especially nice, just to see people skimming around, maybe get their chiaroscuro on. It's nice to be read, even when the prose is balky.

Seeing this, and thinking of my readers, inspires me to inspect a few freshly drilled rabbit holes. Thank you, reader!

Take today, for example.


I see that someone's been into my post about a dreamed-of Garcia sit-in with David Bromberg at the Boarding House in mid-June 1972.


I get to the thinking about Summer 1972 in The City (probably cold and foggy), great City room, not much on Garcia's mind since John's mostly not around to arrange gigs, play off some charts? (Who would have been in Bromberg's band?) Maybe a beautiful, marked-up copy of Night Times in the front seat, find some parking, see the show? Yes, please.

That picture probably never actually posed itself, but a fella can dream.


I was reminded by my reader that I had posted what did happen, Jerry laying down his licks for the folkie's Demon in Disguise (Columbia KC 31753, 1972) at Heider's, Wednesday June 21 - Saturday June 24 at Heider's. I had forgotten I had posted that stuff.

The Bromberg post mentioned harmonica player Will Scarlett sitting in, which


led to me to think about the Garcia Band show at the Keystone, March 3, 1978, The List telling us not only that Scarlett sat-in, but that the band played two blues singletons, Little Walter's "Juke" and, putatively, Booker T & The MG's "Green Onions". See notes 7-9 for more.


I wondered where those setlist details might have come (tape?), so I emailed Corry.


It also led me deaddisc, and I thought its proprietor might like to transcribe some of that into his DID page. Long story short, I thought he might like to go through some of my "San Francisco Sessions" posts, and in getting links I did a little light housekeeping with those.


Listen to "Juke".


Listen to "My Babe".


Discover in my notes that the second singleton on 3/3/78 actually wasn't "Green Onions", but Sonny Boy Williamson's "Help Me".


Lament that there's no Jerry Site to update.


This was actually occurring throughout: "Thank you, Reader!"

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