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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fantasy-Keystone Cross-Promotion

All Good Things - Jerry Garcia Studio Sessions
I can be a picky consumer, but I tip my hat to the market for the quantity and quality of Garcia music that has come available for purchase. Let's hear it for the price mechanism!

I won't get into detail on the masterful 2004 box All Good Things - Jerry Garcia Studio Sessions [deaddisc], produced for release by James Austin, David Gans and Blair Jackson. It is pretty stunning on every level.

No, I have another, shorter purpose - to note the cross-promotion of Fantasy Records (Berkeley) and Keystone (Berkeley) displayed in the famous matchbook. This is utterly obvious, of course, but I just wanted to put down a marker on it. Win-win, "all good things", indeed! I have one of those matchbooks somewhere around here.

! ref: Jackson, Blair. 2004. [liner notes] All Good Things in All Good Time: Revisiting Jerry Garcia's Five Solo Albums. All Good Things: Jerry Garcia Studio Sessions. Rhino Records (R2 78063).

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