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Sunday, November 09, 2014

Daily Collegians

That'll get you to scans of the Daily Collegian (University of Massachusetts, Amherst). I gathered up the stuff around 2/20/80, which I have also listened to. The search function seems a little slow - these are some pretty huge files. The pdf of 1979-1980 weighs in at 2GB. Beautiful images, and the scrolling interface seems to work well.

That's not to be confused with the Daily Collegian (Pennsylvania State University):

Here are a few other "daily [or otherwise] collegians," college papers that have been archived back in time, sufficient to be useful for GD/Garcia research. Universities are among our greatest assets, and they often do a great job of documenting and archiving themselves. I would gratefully receive links to more sources, or, even better, the best comprehensive link for this sort of thing, because as I inspect this rabbit hole it goes quite deep.

American University:
Bard College:
Boston College Heights:

The Five Colleges of Ohio: 
University of Washington Daily from 9/67-2/68 (interesting dates!):
Vassar College:

etc. etc.

I wish Cal would do the Daily Californian ... the present archives are only 1999-2011.

Lots of Dead and Garcia shows at colleges. At some point I'll be able to give more precise numbers. Lots of ads, previews, reviews, listings, mentions, exposts. Lots of money issues, needless controversies, etc. There are universes of material in the college papers.

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